Why Resveratrol is a “Must Use” Anti-Aging Supplement

The reason why resveratrol is creating such a stir within the scientific community is that it has demonstrably shown beyond any measure off a doubt to stave off many of the precursors of aging. What tends to happen to us as we age is that our DNA ages also, and as this occurs, each time a cell within our body replicates it will pass along the slight defect, and as this process continues over the years – the effect is aging.

What resveratrol does is turn on the longevity gene within the body, and this is called the SIRT1 gene. Whilst undergoing the rigors of scientific investigation initially at Harvard and subsequently in laboratories across the world, it was found that resveratrol is the only known compound that has the ability to activate the SIRT1 gene – only severe caloric restriction (CR) has been shown to manipulate this difficult to achieve genetic expression.

What this means for the average person is that we can now turn this longevity gene on just by ingesting this compound – and studies show that many of the conventional illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and visible signs of aging can be kept under control, and in some part even reversed!

How Resveratrol Works

Resveratrol is a compound that directly affects gene expression within the body. The primary gene that is “turned on”, so to speak, is a gene called SIRT1 – and is the primary gene related to how quickly we age. Scientists have long been trying to manipulate this gene, but up until the relatively recent discovery of resveratrol the only way possible to achieve this was by initiating a semi – starvation condition within the body, known as (CR), or Caloric Restriction. While this was very effective at manipulating the SIRT1 gene, it obviously was not practical nor particularly pleasant!

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What’s also interesting to note is that a low dosage of resveratrol altered gene expression within the brain, heart, and skeletal muscle in a similar way to that which is induced by the restriction of calories (CR). Also, resveratrol has been found to blunt the decline of heart tissue that is so common with aging.

Dr Sinclair is responsible for discovering resveratrol and he did so whilst delving into why the French seem to live longer and in better health than the rest of us, despite having a diet high in fat and ingesting large quantities of alcohol. This has commonly been known as the “French Paradox”. Upon looking further into this mystery, it was found that it had something to do with red wine!

Dr Sinclair narrowed it down much further and discovered what no one else could – a chemical compound called resveratrol that when tested on a molecular level was shown to turn on the SIRT1 gene. This was a monumental find, as there now was a way that the aging process could be stopped in its tracks!

How can resveratrol help my health?

Resveratrol has been shown to impact positively on our health in a number of ways – and extending ones lifespan is just one of them! Resveratrol has been shown to actively support heart health, increase our basic metabolic rate (BMR), help with our macular health, stabilize blood sugar, stave of cancer, help with men’s prostates, etc.

Resveratrol has been shown to have powerful healing effects towards the protective lining of the heart’s blood vessels. Resveratrol has an ORAC rating that is off the scale, and is packed full of antioxidants derived from very high levels of polyphenols. This super compound has been found to be cardio protective due to its “preconditioning effect” – the best yet devised method of cardio protection. Several recent studies have found trans -resveratrol to mitigate myocardial ischemic reperfusion injury, atherosclerosis whilst also reducing ventricular arrhythmias. Read more at Resveratrol In Cardioprotection.

The active compounds within resveratrol demonstrably prove its ability to clear glucose from the blood. The SIRT1 gene once “switched on,” glucose metabolism is greatly increased – thus greatly reducing the need for insulin. Resveratrol increases the body’s sensitivity to the hormone insulin, thus aiding in glucose clearing from the blood. It has been shown that circulating excess blood glucose causes micro and macrovascular tissue damage – the less of it the better!

Resveratrol has been shown to kick start the SIRT1 gene in the same way as caloric restriction. This has been demonstrated to greatly stimulate fat burning, and what is even more encouraging is that active compounds within resveratrol keeps the weight from returning! Furthermore, It has been found that resveratrol modulates hunger by stemming cravings associated with hypoglycemic – type situations within the body.

Dr Sinclair at the Harvard Medical School has shown that resveratrol can extend the life span of animals by up to 55% in mammals. Even more interesting is that mamalian animals beginning resveratrol later on in life live on average 35% longer than control animals! In the last 5 years, researchers the world over have reported that t – RESV is a potent stimulator of sirtuin enzymatic activity. This creates an effect within the body similar to caloric restriction (CR), which has been shown to retard aging whilst increasing longevity in all organisms studied so far.

Resveratrol is quickly becoming one of the most comprehensively studied longevity compounds, and as it’s becoming increasingly clear that it lives up to its reputation.


Here are a few of MANY happy customers who have taken resveratrol. We love hearing how this product is helping you so please email in, and your story may end up on this page.



Jan P.

“Thank you so much! I was feeling run down and tired all the time. I was not happy and just wanted to sit around all day. This product has given me a boost. It is amazing what such a little pill can do, I take 2 pills daily and love the effects! My friends keep telling me im looking great and keep asking what im doing.


“2 years ago I had a moderate heart attack, and since then have lived in a scared state of such a thing happening again. My blood pressure has been quite high (roughly 150 / 120), and as any doctor will tell you this is too high. I have also suffered high cholesterol and have taken statin based medication, and although this helps, it makes me feel awful! I had watched on Oprah I believe some time ago about a product called resveratrol, and although skeptical, thought I would give it a chance. What can I say, I am a believer!! My blood pressure has come down to a much more respectable 130 / 90, and cholesterol is now down to 4.8. I have only been using your resveratrol+ product for 2 months so far, but will continue and see what happens. A persistent rash that has been present for the last 10 years has now begun to clear up on my back also – amazing stuff!””


“I’m still in my 20’s and thought this product was targeted towards older people, i read an article on a body building website about resveratrol actually helping them with recovery after a workout, this is how I found your website. I ordered 1 bottle of the stuff to test it out and found that it does actually do what they say and my recovery after a hard workout has improved. I’m going to keep taking this product as im sure it helps in many other areas  also and may help with keeping me looking younger!”


“Have been taking for 3 weeks now and feel amazing! about to buy some more right now, thxs”


A friend of mine mentioned this product to me about a year ago, of course I didn’t believe him when he told me how good it was and how great it made him feel, but now when I see him in the gym he just looks great and has so much energy his body just looks amazing and he looks about 10 years younger. So now that I have bought my own I am waiting to see what results I can get from it. In the last 2 weeks I’ve been taking it the results have been astonishing, so I can’t wait to see what I will look like after I’ve been taking for a year like my friend.


I originally bought this product for my wife, because she wanted something to help lose weight, and after I noticed the great experience she was having, taking Resveratrol, I decided to give it a go, and now I am hooked too, we both feel like we are teenagers again.


I wanted this product as it came highly recommended from my friend, I’m 52 yrs old and starting to feel the effects of aging. I have been using it for four months and can say this product is an absolute miracle. I feel younger, people have told me I look younger.

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