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Rosacea Causes & Treatment – Rosacea Home Remedies

Rosacea Causes & Treatment: Although there are several ways to deal with rosacea and reduce the redness significantly, there is still the need to cope with flare-ups while treatments are working. In order to cope with rosacea, you need to realize that you are not alone. There are millions around the world who suffer from this skin condition. Just knowing this can help relieve some of your stress. Escaping the cycle of stress is the first step to coping with rosacea.

Next, you need to realize that rosacea is treatable. There is no need to continue the cycle of flare-ups. Although this may seem easier said than done, there are many who have escaped the cycle. So, keep your hopes up and don’t let yourself descend into the depression that can take over your emotions so easily. Keep seeking and you will find something that works. You likely did not have rosacea as a child, so there’s really no reason to have it now. It’s a chronic condition, but it is not like psoriasis or other conditions where you have no control.

Finally, while you are seeking a rosacea treatment that works for you individually, be sure to keep your head held high. Coping with rosacea is more or less a self-image issue. Losing hope in an effective treatment and feeling isolated, like you’re the only one in the world who suffers from this skin condition, is what makes you feel down and out. Don’t give up!

Despite Modern Medical Advances, Rosacea’s True Cause Still Elusive

Despite the significant strides in understanding the characteristics and behavior of rosacea, according to the latest dermatological studies, this disease is still considered to have unknown causes. Unfortunately, even though there are advancements in rosacea skin care, doctors admit that they are operating in the dark and can only theorize about why certain treatments, such as antibiotics, work in temporarily addressing the symptoms of rosacea.

One theory, which has been under study by various dermatology departments around the world, is that the microbe called H. pylori causes an exacerbation of of an individual’s immune response which leads to the inflammation associated with the condition. The studies about this theory are mixed and some have dismissed the claim. However, conclusive findings are still to be determined.

Another theory which focuses on another microbe called the demodex mite, has seen similar mixed conclusions. Various alternative health care facilities have reported success in treating the symptoms of rosacea through the elimination of demodex mites through the use of sulfur compounds, but these results are inconclusive.

Unfortunately, the unpredictable nature of rosacea is such that finding any conclusive evidence for the cause of this skin condition has been elusive.

Although this disease affects millions of people around the world, the National Institute of Health has refused to provide funding for research into the causes of rosacea, declaring this skin condition merely a “cosmetic” problem, the NIH concludes it would not be appropriate to fund such research by any public agency, but should be addressed by the skin care industry. Though the disease seems like it should be simple to cure in view of advancements in modern medical advances, continued ignorance of this disease fosters a lack of funding in finding the cure.

Because there is no definite cure for rosacea within the medical community, the door has remained wide open for alternative health care practitioners, that is, the skin care industry, to offer all sorts of “cosmetic” solutions to individuals who are desperate for help. Some natural ingredient-based solutions, such as Revitol™ Rosacea Relief Cream, work to heal the epidermis and reduce the symptomatic redness, but the underlying causes have yet to be addressed.

This state of desperation leads to a never-ending cycle of disappointment for many and typically ends in social resignation and acceptance of a less than optimal quality of life.

Many rosacea patients are in an exceedingly distressing and psychologically devastating condition. This state of desperation leads to a never-ending cycle of disappointment for many and typically ends in social resignation and acceptance of a less than optimal quality of life. Until the medical community can offer more than the typical round of prescription drugs, which are still only “blind” temporary fixes, there will be little hope for rosacea sufferers beyond individual trial-and-error attempts at self-treatment.

Where Rosacea Begins and Ends

As we stated earlier, the medical community has little conclusive understanding of the cause of rosacea and, hence, there is no traditional cure for this skin condition. If a traditional cure is discovered, it will instantly be touted by all the health journals around the world. But, the fact remains that rosacea cannot be cured in the traditional sense by prescription medication.

There are medications which have shown to reduce the symptoms of rosacea in some individuals, but this reduction of symptoms is not the same as a cure. It’s merely a “masking” of the underlying causes.

Such causes have yet to be determined by the medical community and continued use of these medications can actually thin the skin and make things worse in the long run.

Thankfully, the traditional medical community is not the only place to seek answers. With the internet, you are now able to find communities of rosacea sufferers online who are able to report their personal findings. All of these communities point to the internal health of the rosacea sufferer as the primary place to begin the healing process. This does not mean you should ignore your dermatologist completely, however. It simply means, if you are frustrated with the path that you’re currently on, you’re not exclusively limited to your dermatologist’s rosacea skin care advice. There are alternatives and various other options to consider.

Rosacea Home Remedies: Begin Treating Rosacea From Within

When most people begin trying to do something about their rosacea, they usually try to treat it from the outside, applying all sorts of face creams, hand creams, oils, and other things that they experiment with in order to tame the redness and relieve the itching. These are definitely good initial options, especially if they work to tame the inflammation, but what you should be doing in addition to this is seeking to change the internal dynamics of your body.

The main focus should be on both your liver and your stomach health. Probiotics have helped some control their rosacea as soon as they started. For others, and steady and deep cleansing of the liver has helped them overcome their frequent bouts with recurring redness. Whatever your case may be, when it comes to rosacea skin care, you need to seriously consider the internal approach and take into account the fact that your external appearance hinges upon the health and the good order of your internal organs.

Rosacea skin care starts from within as you attempt to cleanse your internal organs, strengthen your immune system, promote intestinal health, and strengthen your skin through proper nutrition. These four areas are the primary places to begin in order to begin a proper rosacea skin care treatment plan.

First, begin by doing a parasite cleanse. Parasites are persistent little creatures that can cause all sorts of health problems for people without their knowing the actual cause.

Second, purge and support your liver through any means you find that can accommodate your tolerances. There are various suggestions on the internet for purging the liver as well as instructions for proper liver health. Once you have cleansed yourself of parasites and improved your liver’s ability to cleanse the blood going through your body, you need to turn your attention to your digestive system.

A good colon cleanse can help you excrete a large amount of toxins and may help you feel younger just by getting pounds of unnecessary garbage off the walls of your colon. Having a cleaner colon leads to better nutrition being absorbed by the skin which can lead to healthier skin. After you have eliminated parasite and other unhealthy and destructive toxins from your colon, you’ll want to support the good bacteria in your digestive tract by eating some live culture yogurt or a good live bacteria supplement.

Remember, the skin is a living organ and is supported by your other organs which need to be cleansed and kept in their optimal condition. If not, you will see the negative results show up in your skin.

There are some very effective all-natural rosacea skin care products (such as Rosacea Relief Cream) that can help you with your external cleansing and for the initial control of redness, itching, and other symptoms, but it’s important to cleanse internally to help support your skin’s health for long term results.

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