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Sultry Selena Gomez Skin Care Tips

Selena Gomez Skin Care Tips: When it comes to skin care tips, the gorgeous sultry Selena Gomez has a few and they’re surprisingly basic. And holistic. Instead of focusing on skin alone, she recommends treating the body as a whole unit. Which is not to say that she ignores skin care! She doesn’t. However, based on her own experiences, she believes that if you look after the whole, the individual bits will fall into place.

Exercise is right at the top of the Selena Gomez skin care maintenance routine, although she’s the first to admit that she isn’t a big fan of extensive exercises. That’s why she has a personal trainer who even travels with her. The trainer is responsible for keeping her on the straight and narrow. Therefore, Selena’s days usually start out with some Pilates and cardio work like push ups, core kicks, and lunges.

Her goal is to be fit, not thin. This is despite a youthful fondness for Kit Kats, pasta and other junk food. These days though she’s more into balancing them out with healthy stuff like plenty of fresh vegetables. Drinking plenty of water is another priority she lists amongst her top beauty tips.

She also uses something called a sweat bed. It’s an infra-red sweat wrap designed to get the user sweating profusely like in a sauna. A session lasts 45 minutes and Selena claims she always emerges feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Sweating helps get rid of toxins but at the same time, it puts moisture back into the skin as anyone who lives in a humid climate will attest to. Selena says this is responsible for helping keep her skin soft and supple. Saunas are also excellent for weight loss.

When it comes to her face, Selena has a skin care routine that she follows every day. It starts with a good exfoliation with her cleansing brush before she applies toner then moisturizer followed by a light foundation and her make up for the day. She also uses SPF to protect herself from the sun. Her chin though is blemish prone so she has developed a separate preventative routine for that area. However, she’s also on record as saying that what will be will be so if she has a blemish happening at an inconvenient time, she takes it on the chin because tools like PhotoShop exist for a reason!

We mentioned make-up; Selena is very much a minimalist in this regard. It’s something she learned from her mother and grandmother. When left to her own devices she’ll highlight either her eyes or her lips, never both. Most of the time, the eyes win and she simply wears a light gloss on her lips.

Getting plenty of sleep, maintaining a positive mental attitude, avoiding stress, and being sure to smile round out Selena’s top beauty and skin care tips. These are all things that will show up on your face and make you look a lot older than you really are.

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