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Skin Complications – Tips To Fight Age Spots, Itchy And Dry Skin

Skin complications are the last thing you have time for whether it’s right before an office meeting or a night out on the town. When skin misbehaves, it’s up to you to whip it back into shape. Avoid skin glitches by following these tips to get your skin back on track.

Stop Age Spots

Age spots (also called liver or sun spots) commonly appear on skin as a result of overexposure to the sun’s rays. Over time, the sun damages cells on the surface of the skin, resulting in the brown spots that you see.

Nothing ruins a great complexion better than age spots. The first step in preventing age spots is to use sunscreen. It should have an SPF of at least 15 and protect against UVA and UVB rays. Apply it before leaving the house and re-apply every two to three hours you are outside. Sunscreen needs to be used year-round. Even though we associate sunscreen with summer, sun is just as strong in winter.

If you already have age spots, exfoliating fades spots by shedding old skin. When old skin sloughs off, new skin rises to the surface. You can also fade spots by using natural skin lighteners. Ingredients include licorice extract, mulberry extract and vitamin C.

Itchy, Dry Skin

No one likes dry, flaky skin. Winter conditions make this skin complication worse when humidity and temperature levels are at their lowest.

To keep skin healthy, your body is always producing new skin cells. Dead skin cells don’t always slough off the way they are supposed to. This causes build-up on the surface of skin, creating a barrier for moisturizers that need penetrate the skin to hydrate. Shed dead skin cells by using a scrub with gentle beads to exfoliate. The beads will softly scrape away dead skin cells so your moisturizer can get into pores.

The best time to apply a moisturizer is after cleansing when skin is damp. Use warm water when cleansing to avoid stripping skin of its natural oils. Warm water makes the skin’s temperature rise. As a result, blood vessels and pores will dilate to cool you down. This makes a space between skin cells for your moisturizer to enter pores and do its job.

Unflattering Dark Circles

We can all agree that being sleep-deprived is not attractive for anyone. Genetics, age, fatigue and allergies can cause bags and dark circles under our eyes.

Cold compresses temporarily reduce dilated and discolored under-eye blood vessels. Before you go to sleep, double up on pillows. Sleeping with your head slightly elevated keeps blood vessels from expanding, which creates dark circles. Last but not least, a good night’s sleep always helps.

Pesky Breakouts

Acne is created when skin follicles get clogged with oil, bacteria and dead skin cells. Hormones and lack of good skin-care are to blame at any age.

The best way to avoid acne is to minimize how often we touch our face. Harmful bacteria are transferred to pores every time we touch our skin. Be conscious not to pop or pick at breakouts, which cause scars. Use a gentle cleanser that will clean out pores without causing dryness and irritation, which result in more acne.

Redness and Sensitivity

A variety of reasons: allergies, temperature extremes, windburn, and harsh cleansers cause red sensitive skin. Get noticed for great skin, not how red it is.

Skip soaps and cleansers with a scent, even if the smell is irresistible. Scents and fragrances cause irritation. Look for products designed to work with sensitive skin. Using products with natural ingredients gives you more control in managing sensitivity. When you understand the ingredients in your products, you can better determine what works well with your skin.

Icky Oils

Our body naturally produces oil to keep skin moisturized and healthy. Sometimes skin can overproduce oil, leading to grease and acne flare-ups. A shiny, oily T-zone is like a beacon in the dark of night.

To cut down on oil, cleanse twice a day. Use a gentle cleanser and take precaution not to over wash skin. Dry skin overcompensates by creating more oil. Exfoliating controls shine as well. Exfoliating once a week cleans out oil and dirt stuck in pores. Clogged pores cause more oil and bacteria. After exfoliating, use a mask made with clay or salicylic acid. This lessens the amount of oil your skin generates.

Stop letting skin take control of you. It’s up to you to take control of your skin! With a little help, common skin-care concerns don’t have to be an issue. Stop being embarrassed and be proactive to achieve healthy, problem-free skin!

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