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What Are Stages Of Beauty Reviews Saying? Are They The Best Anti Aging Skin Care Products Available Today?

The non comedogenic makeup industry is competitive niche to break into these days, but one company has managed to come up with a unique concept that sets it apart from the common ‘healthy skin, organic ingredients’ pack. Stages of Beauty, like many in this industry, was started by a woman with a science background, who saw a chance to address an aspect of skincare generally glossed over by the rest of the world. While most makeup companies focus on preventing aging, SB accepts its inevitability, and instead has developed different product lines for each decade of a woman’s life.

It is worth noting why they have taken this stage-by-stage approach. The stages of beauty reviews state that in our 20’s we may look young, but the major damage from weather, stress and lifestyle choices has already been done. The goal at this age is protection. When we reach our 30’s, the lower content of collagen and elastin in the skin helps expose the signs of aging. Regeneration occurs at a slower rate now, and the goal is to prevent excessive free radical damage.

Our 40th and 50th decades (and beyond) are characterized by thinning skin with a deteriorating moisture barrier, leaving it vulnerable to dehydration. Added to this are hormonal changes, and the goal again is to fight the damage of free radicals while strengthening the ‘moisture barrier’ and increasing immunity. So how well do these products stand up to their claims? Without conducting a decades long research study it is hard to say. However, several reviewers were kind enough to lend us their thoughts after several weeks of first hand experience. The results were nothing short of sheer joy.

The Stages Of Beauty Anti Aging Skin Care Lines

To clarify, calling Stages of Beauty a makeup company is inaccurate at best. There are no foundations, no lipsticks or eyeliner, and no liquid concealers. Instead, the product lines are divided into four age based regimes: Radiance, Harmony, Grace and Elegance. They cater to those in their 20’s with Radiance, and to those over 50 with Grace. SB founders believe that today’s cosmetics fail to address the deep biological changes taking place as women age.

Let’s break this down in brief:

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Radiance, Harmony and Elegance consist of a treatment cream, a cleanser and scrub. Grace is comprised of the treatment cream and the Grace intensive wrinkle serum. All categories can be purchased as a complete package, or ‘anti aging system.’

There are other characteristics these products share, as well. They contain no sulfates, synthetic coloring dyes, petroleum products or chemicals called pthalates. They are also free from the potential damage of genetically modified organisms (GMOs,) In addition to using natural ingredients, every line is fragrance free, hypoallergenic and never tested on animals. Instead, the ingredients list contains a heavy dose of botanicals, fruit extracts and antioxidants.

Stages Of Beauty Reviews, Consumer Opinions

The company seems to be years ahead of any competitors, but how long they last will depend on developing a loyal customer base that believes in their products. In their short history, (SB launched in 2010,) SB has received 12 official BBB complaints, mostly related to shipping/billing or their free trial promotion. Several reviewers complained about continued credit card charges after the free trial was completed. However, the refund and exchange policy states that customers will not be charged if their free trial is canceled before the end of 18 days. These complaints are the only type found, as all reviewers were delighted with the actual products they received, whether as a free trial or a purchase.

Radiance Stages Of Beauty reviews

Compliments of one reviewer began with the packaging. She received her Radiance treatment cream in the minimalist decorative paper packaging, devoid of plastic padding. To protect the glass bottle during transport, it comes in a convenient tube. The thoughtful details of this package include a colorful butterfly inside and a description of the line purchased.

As with other reviewers, this one claimed the lightweight Radiance cream had a smooth texture unlike anything she had tried. The consensus among satisfied users of radiance stages of beauty cream is that it is perfect for everyday use. It goes on as smooth as milk, and dries with a matte, not glossy, finish. The one drawback? The price. These are high quality cosmetics and start at over $50 dollars a bottle.

Harmony Stages Of Beauty Reviews

The harmony stages of beauty cream is billed as a wrinkle fighting, hydrating cream for women in their 30’s. Like Radiance, packaging for the Harmony line is minimal and recyclable. It is made with the same detailed attention to quality and the consumer reviews rave about it. Harmony has been described as the “best product ever used,” “awesome” and “amazing” by reviewers. Early on, we said that we couldn’t accurately measure the results of these products without a decades long research study. Nonetheless, SB users continue to talk about the compliments they receive on their smooth skin after a few days of use.

Elegance Stages Of Beauty Reviews

The Elegance stages of beauty line receives similar rave reviews. Recall that this line is formulated for women in their 40’s to help them retain elasticity and firmness in their skin; all this while boosting the skins immunity to free radicals. Unlike the first two decades, Elegance is designed to resist something called photo-aging; damage caused over time by exposure to the suns UVA and UVB rays.

Consumer results are positive once again. One user noted simply that in the past four months she has continued to receive compliments on her skin after beginning to use Elegance multi peptide serum. Another noted how hydrated and firm her skin felt. It should be noted that this cream differs from the previous two in its consistency. It is thick and spreads over the skin with even, fast absorbing silkiness. The ingredients include Monks Pepper Berry, a wrinkle fighter; tetra-peptides to stimulate collagen production and antioxidants to encourage skin repair. As with radiance and harmony, elegance sells for just over $50 dollars for the small bottle, and about $75 for the larger. Elegance has no SPF, so for everyday use, be sure to add sun protection.

Grace Stages Of Beauty Reviews

Because the Grace stages of beauty moisturizers cater to an age group facing unique issues, there are several things that set it apart from the rest. This regime contains only the moisturizer and the Grace intensive serum. Protecting the skin at this stage is imperative, and the ingredients list includes Chinese botanicals, amino acids, Monks Pepper Berry, tetrapeptides and resveratrol, an ingredient with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

At this stage in life, skin has the lowest levels of collagen, elastin and hydration. For this reason the ingredients list goes well beyond those of the other products. To expand on those listed above, this thick, smooth moisturizer contains:

Sorghum Extract: This vegetable extract is supposed to tighten the skin on contact. Over time it works to create a ‘stretching film’ over the surface, making it look smoother and tighter.

Sodium Hyaluronate: This is a naturally occurring visco-elastic polymer which is used to lubricate and cushion deteriorated joints, or smooth and fill in wrinkles in the skin. Perfect for the Grace formula! In addition, the ingredients include prickly pear and seaweed extracts, as well as other fruit extracts reserved for high end cosmetics.

The results of the stages of beauty reviews are nothing short of spectacular. If users continue to praise these products in the decades to come, perhaps that is all the proof one needs that this groundbreaking approach to skincare really works.

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