Vitamin K Benefits For The Skin

Natural Skin Glow with a Vitamin K Supplement

There are two types of vitamins available – Fat soluble and water soluble. Vitamin K is mentioned under the category of fat soluble vitamins. Vitamin K is essential for normal coagulation of the blood and it helps in looking your skin younger.

Across the world, in new born nurseries, infants are given the dose of Vitamin K to prevent the possibility of hemorrhage. Now majority of the dermatologists believe that  it also helps in damaged and aging skin look healthier and younger.

There are many health benefits associated with this vitamin and especially for skin it is very beneficial. A study done in 2004 at the University of Miami Medical School shows that the Vitamin K makes the skin heals much faster after the pulse dye laser treatment, which is frequently used for erasing spider veins on the face. In 2009 another study was done at University of Colorado which showed that the topical application of Vitamin K gel helps patient heal as faster as after the facial laser surgery.

Another research done by doctors in the Netherlands showed a great link between skin elasticity and Vitamin K. There are people who suffer from genetic disease known as Pseudoxanthoma elasticum- PXE.

People who suffer from PXE- complain of severe skin wrinkles on face and the body. It has been found that there is a specific protein- MGP (Matrix- carboxyglutamic acid protein) which inhibits calcification of skin tissues and leads to wrinkle in PXE.

Vitamin K actually activates this protein and individuals whose bodies cannot metabolize vitamin K shows the symptoms of PXE. While the study mainly focused on people who had PXE, but it also suggested that Vitamin K plays an important role in preserving elasticity of the skin in people without PXE as well.

In 2003, a study was presented to AAD which showed that topical application of Vitamin K helps in reduction of dark circles along with bruises. Similar study was done in 2004 at Nippon Medical School- Tokyo which showed that Vitamin K helps in reduction of dark circles and also the wrinkles.

From the different studies done, researchers have claimed that Vitamin K benefits for the skin is for real and it helps aiding in various skin imperfections and is also an important supplement for overall facial rejuvenation.

So along with anti coagulation effect – Vitamin K promotes in healing of the skin discoloration, maintaining the skin elasticity, reduction in dark circles, anti-ageing effects. It improves the overall skin value.

Vitamin K Skin Cream Benefits

Most of the studies show that Vitamin K is the compound which is associated mainly with helping the blood to clot, improving vein health and helps in repairing damaged and broken capillaries. By just the topical application of Vitamin K, you can achieve the best results.

It has various positive effects which help in healing of:

  • Bruises: – One of the vitamin k cream benefit is that it helps in blood coagulation and prevents bleeding. It has been discovered by plastic surgeons and dermatologists that application of Vitamin K creams limits the bruising of post-cosmetic surgery. It not only helps in healing of bruises, if applied before any injury- it can even reduce the incidence of bruising.

  • Calming Skin: – Creams having Vitamin K helps in calming the red, irritated skin.

  • Spider Veins: – The application of Vitamin K creams has shown to decrease the appearance of broken capillaries and spider veins.

  • Swelling: – Creams containing Vitamin K if applied twice a day shows noticeable reduction in swelling of skin. It is also helpful in elimination of puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

  • Burns and Scars: – The regular use of Vitamin K creams reduces the appearance of scars. Burns heals faster and quicker if vitamin K cream is applied.

  • Wrinkles: – The main cause of wrinkle skin is the exposure to sun. The ultraviolet rays from sun penetrate into the skin and activate the molecules of oxygen. The ultra violet exposure also causes age spots and cancer along with wrinkles. So it is advisable to use cream which contain Vitamin K and Vitamin E to have the best results , as Vitamin E and K stops the action of UV rays on the skin

One of other Vitamin K cream benefits is also that it helps in improving the valve health and function, which helps preventing trapped and coagulated blood.

To get the best Vitamin K Cream benefits, use them consistently, optimally twice a day, for minimum of 90 days to see the results. It will make your skin naturally beautiful.

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