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When it comes to the labels organic and natural, it seems like any prominent marketing campaign is trying to cash in on these buzz words. Consumers want organic, grass-fed beef, organic cereals and of course, organic hair and makeup products. Organic products are wonderful, but nowhere are the benefits of using natural ingredients more beneficial than in the cosmetics industry. When it comes to makeup, the difference between a brand full of harmful chemicals and one such as Youngblood cosmetics is healthy skin.

For the uninitiated, Youngblood mineral makeup is a newer brand on the market, having been around for less than two decades. In that time it has acquired a loyal following. The company was started by Pauline Youngblood, a former licensed aesthetician. Pauline started her company with the intention of helping patients whose skin had been ravaged by disease or excessive and harsh cosmetic procedures. At the time, the brands available often made skin conditions worse for these people.

The Youngblood mineral cosmetics company was born from the collaboration of Pauline and a team of chemists and dermatologists, working together to develop healthy makeup formulas which improved the condition of skin with extended use. What they came up with is a line of mineral cosmetic products-makeup which uses only natural earth-friendly minerals, which gives the user excellent coverage but allows the skin to breathe and heal. In particular, YB makeup contains no talc or other clogging agents, and uses natural pigments instead of petroleum-based dyes.

The product line made its official debut in 1996, led by its flagship Youngblood mineral foundation. Today, they offer natural mineral makeup products with the same mission statement they started with. YB has also raised the bar by offering a palette of colors and shades reminiscent of a color wheel.

Despite their relative newbie status, YB has a strong presence in the natural cosmetics niche; but what do users think? What do the average youngblood mineral makeup reviews have to say about their line? A comprehensive search through online makeup review forums offers a realistic view of some of their most popular products; the Natural Mineral foundation in powdered and liquid form, the ‘Ultimate’ concealer and their ‘Mineral Radiance’ bronzers.

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Pressed, liquid and powder foundations are still flagship items for YB. Unanimous opinions talk about the natural, long-lasting coverage offered by the powder, but as with any foundation, skin type plays large role in determining which form of coverage is right for a certain person. People with large pores complained of inadequate coverage from the powder, while those with an even complexion and small pores found the pressed makeup to be too thick. When choosing which type to cover skin with, consumers should consider complexion, pore size, tendency to breakouts, lines and wrinkles. Just as a good cover can make the face look smooth and flawless, the wrong one can emphasize imperfections.

A trip to the aesthetician and some low-cost samples is helpful in determining what will work best for a particular skin type. Once the right YB product is chosen, consumers agree that proper application requires a good brush and clean skin. As with any brand, skin that is too oily or too dry will be an obstacle no matter which mineral makeup is used. One common thread between Youngblood reviews is proper application. Applied correctly, powdered, pressed or liquid YB foundations provide an amazing and natural look in a broad palette of colors.

While their Natural Mineral foundation receives rave reviews, YB’s Ultimate concealer leaves many reviewers unsatisfied. Skin type and proper application is also important with any concealing product, but most users felt coverage could have been better. The high points include: Gliding on smoothly; covering well on fair skin and a natural appearance; nice package design.

The low points include: A flimsy package with a lid that breaks off easily; not covering well on dark skin or dark blemishes/bags; difficult to apply. Like the foundation, the best approach is to buy a small sample and get the right shade and texture for the skin type. Ultimately, YB’s ‘Ultimate’ is just that to some and misses the mark for others. With a price almost double that of readily available brands it pays to do some homework before buying.

Youngblood’s products are intended to help heal skin while creating (or enhancing) its natural glow. The Mineral Radiance line is designed to provide these benefits anytime skin is exposed to the elements. The convenient moisture radiance tint stick does this in a portable and lightweight package. It offers sheer coverage and helps hydrate skin.

Consumer reviews found it to be excellent as sheer and even cover outdoors, but not as a substitute for foundation or concealer. The bottom line is, Moisture Radiance tint is a non-greasy product which glides on smooth and also works well as a bronzer. Again, YB is a little pricey, so whenever possible customers should try a sample first. As always, skin type and color choice make a difference in customer satisfaction. As with other Youngblood mineral makeup, the moisture tint is available in a wide range of colors.

The cosmetics industry is a tough and competitive business to be in. With that said, Youngblood has developed a loyal following among celebrities and everyday users alike. With cosmetics that use everything from micronized reflective crystals to natural pigments derived from the earth, the company remains true to their mission of providing the highest quality mineral makeup to the market.

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