Air and Water bring you Vitality and Youth

Air and Water bring you Vitality and Youth

During every second of our existence, while there is life in the body, cells and tissues are being used up, to be replenished by new cells miraculously created. These new cells can only be built out of the material, which we have placed in our system, out of the atoms and molecules of the food we ate, the liquids we drank and the air we breathed. – Dr. Norman Walker, D. Sc.

Become Younger

Have you ever wondered if the premature aging, brain damage, poor health, fatigue, headaches, skin disorders, cancer, kidney stones can be linked to the quality of the water we drink and air we breathe? As unavoidable as it may look, the harm from contamination of water and air can be prevented and eliminated. It’s in your power to do a profoundly valuable change that will bring you vitality and youth.


We can live quite a long time without food, several days without water, and only a few minutes without breathing. Inhalation supplies our cells with oxygen and exhalation removes carbon dioxide out of the cells. However, air delivers not only oxygen and other elements that maintain our lives. With every breath we introduce into our bodies air contaminants such as chemical toxins, bacteria, and viruses.

Another important factor to consider is the charge of air atoms. When an atom looses its electron, it becomes a positively charged ion. To become stable, it looks for an electron to steal from another atom. Positively charged ions use up your energy and are harmful; they exist in abundance in the in-door air. They are produced by computer monitors (especially old ones), TV screens, and small appliances, which generate electromagnetic fields. Air contaminants are also positively charged.

A negatively charged ion is an atom that has gained an extra electron and needs to give it away. Negative ions bring energy to your body and are energetically beneficial to longevity of the cells and strength of the immune system. A lightning storm is one of the examples of how negatively charged ions are generated. You may also recall how freely you could breathe in the mountains, at the sea cost, or near waterfalls. Yoga sages believed that this air is replete with prana – the essence of life. Now we know that this air is full of negatively charged ions.

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Modern scientific studies have shown that negatively charged atmosphere prevents bacteria growth and development of airborne contaminants. It relieves symptoms of headaches, fatigue, and asthma, increases mental alertness, enhances work capacity, energizes our bodies by facilitating oxygen absorption and carbon dioxide elimination, and has a rejuvenation effect on the whole body.

Air purifiers absorb odors, can capture pollen, mold pores, dust, tobacco smoke, kill airborne microorganisms…but they also deplete air of some physical qualities that are essential to our lives – negative air ions. With the help of air-conditioning systems, we get pleasant microclimate air, but this air is also “dead.”

Modern technologies offer a variety of air ionizers that can produce a negatively charged atmosphere right in your room, office or car. To moisture the atmosphere and ease such problems as dry skin, sinus headaches, and asthma you may want to use air humidifiers.

Read more in The Ion Effect: How Air Electricity Rules Your Life and Health by Fred Soyka, Alan Denis Edmonds and Air Ions: Physical and Biological Aspects by Robert Kavet, Jonathan M. Charry.

Water (Dehydration)

Water makes up approximately 70 percent of the body mass. Water aids effective functioning of all organs and systems; it flushes out toxic substances, regulates body temperature, and activates the natural healing process. It transports nutrients, oxygen, hormones and chemical messengers throughout the body. When the expelled amount of water exceeds the moisture supply, the body suffers dehydration. Some
sources estimate that more than 30-percent of senior Americans are dehydrated.

Recently, the relationship between local drought and body pains was established. Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. made an interesting discovery that may bring relief to those who are ill with hypertension, chronic fatigue syndrome, headaches, arthritis, colic pains, constipation, overweight, high cholesterol, and even peptic ulcer disease. The doctor claims that when some part of the body is suffering from dehydration, histamine (a chemical messenger in the brain) signals by producing pain. The OTC painkillers belong to a class of chemicals that are strong antihistamines. They deactivate histamine while the actual thing that your body needs at the moment of pain is only water ( Read more about functions of water in Water, The Ultimate Cure by Steve Meyerowitz.

Every day the human body expels its moisture either through pores or other eliminative organs. The expelled amounts should be replenished adequately to provide the system ability to function well. How do we refill our reservoirs? With the chlorinated tap water, intoxicated with carcinogens, viruses, and parasites? With the water that contains inorganic elements that calcify the arteries and veins? With the soft drinks and commercial juices rich in sugar, dyes, and artificial flavors? Answer these questions, and you will understand the roots of many disorders and the premature aging of your body.

The water you need

Although the axiom that we have to drink 6-8 glasses of water daily to prevent dehydration is known to everyone, not everyone is aware of the kind of water they need.
Dr. Norman Walker, an ardent researcher who devoted 70 years of his life to the problems of health and longevity of human beings, explained that the only water, which the blood and the lymph can use in their work is the pure water containing only hydrogen and oxygen. The minerals present in drinking water of whatever kind are inorganic, cannot be assimilated by human cells and differ from organic minerals our bodies depend on. The organic minerals come from fruits and vegetables. Inorganic minerals cannot be used by the cells, have no constructive value and are rejected into hazard debris that circulate throughout the system.

Dr. Norman Walker explained the process of photosynthesis in the following way: ” In the course of the plant’s growth the roots collect minerals from the earth, convert them into live organic elements and absorb them into the stem, the leaves, the seeds, and the flower and fruit.” The human cells depend on these organic minerals. Deficiency of some minerals in soil and water affects the human health: if the plants do not absorb some elements with water, they do not produce organic matter of this kind, and people who grow plants on such soils for consumption do not get these elements either. Dr. Walker continues: “The “vegetation” water (i.e. the juices) is the result of the distillation by plant process, of moisture from the atmosphere and from the water obtained from the ground, and is replete with enzymes, the natural LIFE principle. It is truly DISTILLED WATER.”

Like the cemented bottom of the kettle within which water has been boiled or the calcified municipal pipes, the arteries and veins are coated with inorganic minerals that enter the body with water. Water saturated with lime salts, fluoride, magnesium, sodium, iron, chlorides, radioactive elements and chemicals circulates through every part of the body and damages connective tissues, glands, the liver, and the kidneys. In fact, it brings disruption of all the body functions. This is the water that comes from public supply, private wells, and springs.

The water that is free from inorganic substances and the purest water close to what our cells hold is the distilled water. It is considered the standard by which all other waters are measured. Only distillation is able to remove all salts, and inorganic and organic contaminants; it produces the purest and most consistent water. Many distillers are equipped with additional filters that catch volatile chlorine gases. You can equally use spring water free of chlorine for distillation purposes.

Distilled water replenishes your body moisture reservoir; assists efficient functioning of all organs and vibrant health; aids elimination of debris of inorganic substances rejected and discarded by the cells; acts as an universal solvent able to flush out toxins and wastes. Organic elements that have become an integral part of the body remain intact and are not leached out of your body.

Dr. Norman Walker, Paul Bragg, Patricia Bragg, and Dr. Andrew Weil would advise you to replenish the moisture loss with the distilled water and to nourish your cells with minerals and vitamins contained in the raw vegetables, fruits, honey, nuts, seeds, and herbs.

You will find valuable information about water in the following books: Water can Undermine Your Health by N.W. Walker, D. Sc., and The Shocking Truth about Water by Paul Bragg, and Fluoride: The Aging Factor by Dr. John Yiamouyiannis (1993).

Other water

It seldom comes to our minds that drinking water is a complex aqueous-mineral solution that consists of inorganic and organic elements and is home to many bacteria, viruses and parasites. Organic chemical indicators show emissions that contain alkalinity, chromaticity, dissolved oxygen, hydrogen, manganous oxidation and suspended matter. Some of the inorganic elements present in the water are: aluminum, ammonium, arsenium, beryllium, boron, cadmium, calcium, chloride sulfate, chrome, iron, lead, manganese, mercury, nitrate, nitrite, potassium, radioactive elements, acids, pesticides, and phenols.

Municipal tap water

The safe levels of contamination of the drinking water differ from country to country, and in many cases are set very high. Chlorine-based treatment is the prevailing method used by municipalities. To reduce organic matter in the water, many water treatment facilities also use aluminum. There are other methods of municipal water purification that utilize ozone, chloramine or chlorine dioxide. The municipal tap water needs additional purification from bacteria, sediment, radioactive parts, and inorganic elements.

Chlorine was used in the First World War as poison gas. When combined with heavy metals, radionuclides, and some other substances including human excrement, chlorine produces new highly toxic chlorinated disinfection by-products (CDBPs), which have been known to cause cancer (bladder, colon), miscarriages and birth defects. Together with arsenic, radon, and lead chlorine and its by-products are dangerous carcinogens. While chlorine damages the health of a human, some viruses and parasites, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, slip its control. Still, the municipalities believe that the benefits of the chlorine-based purification outweigh the risks from chlorine by-products.

If you live in North America, you may want to take a look at the water timeline since 1950 till nowadays prepared by the Glacier Water Treatment Systems at: Also, it is useful to know the information about the affects of arsenium, aluminum, chlorine by-products, and parasites on a human health. Read the articles published by the Health Canada and Natural Resources Defense Council of the U.S.A.:

Silver Disinfection

The anti-bacterial properties of silver have been known since ancient times. Silver coins and urns were used for disinfecting and preserving water in India, Persia, and Rome. Today, according to The Institute of Water Ionization Technologies in the United Kingdom silver water purification systems can offer an alternative to chlorine-based systems. The institute has developed silver ion generators for municipal water supplies. The silver ionized swimming pool systems are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Silver ionizers are also in demand in U.K., Scandinavia, Germany and the Far East.

Collodial silver can be used to promote healthy skin, mouth, and throat. It has an ability to successfully cure cuts, rashes, and burns. It also can be taken internally as it kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. However, silver is a toxic element, and its overdose is harmful to the health.

Private wells

Many people depend on private wells for their drinking and food preparation needs. Private wells can become a source of contamination, as they can be affected by hazards, such as pesticides, that come with surface and ground waters. While chlorinators are considered the most effective bacteria killers, other systems are also used to disinfect well water. For example, ultraviolet light devices are efficient alternative protectors against bacteria and viruses. They add no chemicals to the water and use only UV light to purify the water. However, they require separate sediment pre-filters. Iodine as a disinfection method is recommended for occasional use only, because of its harmful effect on the human body during long-time use.

Bottled water

Bottled water is usually tap or spring water that has undergone some additional filtering. It has lower levels of chlorine by-products than tap water. The Health Canada recognizes also that the chemicals used in manufacture of bottled water leave traces of contaminants. Many enthusiasts of health are aware that they cannot count on the safety of bottled water.

Spring water

Spring water is characterized by a higher concentration of inorganic elements than any other kind of water. Dr. Walker believed that the benefit from drinking spring water was “purely psychological.” The fact that this water does not contain chlorine may also be attributed to the health benefits. On the other hand, “so great is the amount of lime in spring water, that the quantity taken daily would alone be sufficient to choke up the system so as to bring on decrepitude and death long before we arrived at 20 years of age, were it not for the kidneys and other secreting organs throwing it off in considerable quantities,” wrote Mr. Abel Haywood (and quoted by Dr. Norman Walker in his book Water can Undermine Your Health ). Some companies that produce distilled water use spring water to avoid penetration of chlorine with the steam into the final product.

Carbon Filtering

None of the existing water filters can completely eliminate chlorine by-products. Nor do they purify the water from radioactive particles, nitrates, bacteria and inorganic substances that calcify your arteries. Cartridges can become sources of bacterial contamination if not properly maintained or changed regularly. Yet, carbon filters are a minimum must on any municipal drinking water system.

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