Sydney Sweeney Skin Care

Sydney Sweeney Skin Care

She has a line-up of skin care products from Amazon and Walmart specials to high-end luxury products from iconic brands like Maybelline, Il Makiage, and Laneige! ‘She’ is antique car repairer and MMA fighter turned actress Sydney Sweeney.

Actresses often freely admit their ‘off-duty’ skincare and makeup routines are pretty basic. In Sydney’s case though it’s more a case of art imitating life. Her character Cassie in the high school teen drama Euphoria has a well-known skin care routine that Sydney admits faithfully mimics her own.

Furthermore, the products troubled teen Cassie uses are the actress’s own regular Sydney Sweeney skin care products. She totes them into work with her whenever she has a scene involving Cassie’s skin care routine.

Sydney Sweeney Skin Care Morning RoutinePart of the reason Sydney prefers to use her own is likely because she doesn’t want to put anything on her skin that she doesn’t know and trust. She suffers from cystic acne, and has troublesome combination skin.

That has made finding skincare products that don’t aggravate it difficult for the actress. Therefore, it makes sense to think that, now she has a collection of tried and true products, she prefers to stick to them regardless.

Sydney Sweeney Skin Care Morning Routine

As is the case with most people who have acne, Sydney’s skin care products are carefully selected to avoid aggravating her skin. The same holds true of her skin care routine as well. For Sydney, her morning routine starts with a good cleansing product. Once she’s washed this off, she carefully dries her face using a patting motion rather than scrubbing at it.

Then it’s on with the eye masks. A firm believer in the power of a good eye mask, Sydney never travels anywhere without them! Whilst these are doing their thing, she gets on with the ice roller treatment. Ice rollers?

Cryotherapy For Your Skin

According to dermatologists, cryotherapy, or ice therapy, isn’t just good for keeping food fresher longer. It’s also great for your skin. Amongst other things, it can help tighten skin, improve circulation, and reduce redness, irritation and swelling.

You can use a specially designed ice roller like Sydney does, or just wrap an ice cube in a piece of cloth and massage your face and neck with that. Likewise, immersing your face in a bowl of ice for a few seconds has therapeutic value too.

Eye masks and ice treatment done, Sydney moves on to the next step of her morning skin care routine, applying a serum. She uses her fingers to do this rather than applying it directly to her face and is careful not to allow the dropper to touch her skin. That way any bacterium on her skin isn’t transferred to the dropper.

Achieving “Soft, Fluffy Feeling Skin”

After the serum comes the Hyaluronic cream, a product she literally swears by. It leaves her skin felling soft, ‘fluffy’, and alive. Finally she tops it all off with sunscreen but with her skin, she can’t use just any old sunscreen. The one that works best for her is, not surprisingly, highly recommended by dermatologists.

As an added precaution, she also uses a hand sunscreen to protect her hands. Hands are such an overlooked part of our anatomy yet they probably get the most UV exposure of all. In Sydney’s case, a lot of that exposure comes from the UV lights used in her frequent gel manicures. And that’s it – the whole Sydney Sweeney skin care routine from start to finish.

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