Bare Minerals Makeup Review

Bare Minerals Makeup Review

You have probably seen those late night Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals infomercials more times than you want to admit, but if you are still unconvinced, a no-holds-barred Bare Escentuals makeup review is sure to sway you in the right direction. For years now, Bare Escentuals has boasted their unique formula of only the finest natural ingredients as the best thing you can do for your facial skin. However, whether it is really all it is cracked up to be remains to be seen. The truth lies in what real users have to say about the products in Bare Escentuals reviews.

Bare Escentuals skin care products are made entirely of 100 percent natural minerals. It has absolutely no parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes or fragrances, or any other synthetic chemicals and harmful substances that plague the makeup industry. They are even confident enough in the purity of the makeup to make the claim that you can sleep in it without fear of clogging your pores and breaking out. While this may be true for some, at least for a night or two, it is not recommended to skip washing your face before bed on a regular basis. Still, it comes in handy now and then, for instance, when you come in from a long night out and just want to crash and washing your face is the last thing on your mind.

True, as evidenced in many Bare Minerals reviews, it is better for your skin than most other foundation products on the market, but you should not think of it as a cure for acne. If you have a problem with blemishes or other troubled areas on your skin, you may be a little disappointed in the coverage that Bare Minerals makeup provides to problem areas. The good news, though, is that the all-natural mineral formula can improve your skin when used correctly. Therefore, as long as you have a good daily skincare regimen, you should start to see an improvement in the condition of those troublesome areas with continued use of Bare Minerals in place of other formulas. As your skin’s condition improves, the makeup will look better and better as it does an excellent job of enhancing skin’s natural beauty.

The look that Bare Minerals aims to provide is flawless, natural beauty that looks and feels as closely as possible to as if you were not wearing makeup at all. The look is achieved through their signature technique of swirling, tapping, and buffing. After applying any priming products or concealers to your liking, you simply pour a small amount of foundation into the lid of the foundation container, swirl the applicator brush in the makeup until it is packed up into the bristles and tap off any excess so that no visibly loose foundation particles are sitting on the end of the brush. Then, buff the foundation onto your face in a circular motion starting around the outside of your face and working your way in toward the center. Continue buffing until you have reached the desired level of coverage.

Bare Escentuals also offers many other products in its Bare Minerals skin care line besides just the concealer and foundation you hear about all the time. They have an entire line of facial care and makeup products including cleansers, moisturizers, firming treatments, eye shadows, lipsticks, and foundation and eye shadow primers. The entire line is sold officially on their website and at Sephora locations, but you can find it in other places online, like on Amazon.

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If you are interested in trying the makeup, look for a Bare Minerals starter kit to help you decide if this makeup is for you. The starter kits usually come with small containers of concealer, a couple of shades of foundation so you can use them individually or mix them to get the perfect shade, their mineral veil finishing powder, an instructional DVD with helpful tips and techniques, and all the brushes you need to successfully apply the makeup. Some kits may also come with some other bonuses like a sample of Bare Escentuals Prime Time Foundation Primer to aid in flawless coverage or a container of all-over face warmth, which acts as a bronzer.

Of course, no product is perfect and Bare Minerals cosmetics are no exception. A few of its downfalls are that because it is a powder it tends to rub off fairly easily, so frequent reapplication may be necessary if you are looking for extended wear and coverage. The powder form also means that it is nowhere near waterproof and will not hold up well against profuse sweating. Perhaps in the future a formula for a more active lifestyle will become available, but it does not exist as of yet. Application also tends to be a bit messy. Be careful not to spill it or pour too quickly or else the powder will go flying everywhere, wasting your precious product that was bought with your hard-earned cash. The bigger the jar, the less this becomes a problem when attempting to pour and swirl in the lid, but if you prefer to purchase smaller quantities at a time, just be aware of the potential for waste.

Overall, Bare Escentuals skin care reviews contain statements that rave about the confidence boost alone, both from feeling like your skin looks the best that it ever has as well as from the compliments you are bound to receive, makes this makeup well worth the investment if you do decide to buy Bare Minerals products. I highly suggest that you go for the Bare Escentuals starter kit the first time you try bare minerals however to find out if the product is right for you.

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