Body Treatments

Body Treatments

We all should exfoliate (the process of sloughing off the dead skin cells) our skin once a week. There are a few methods different methods of exfoliation.

Dry brush – this involves the use of a loofah, brush, wash cloth or sponge to exfoliate dead surface skin.  Always moisturize the skin after exfoliating.

Salt and sugar scrubs – these are very popular.  Salt or sugar are mixed with an oil or liquid soap and, when applied, not only removes the dead skin cells but leaves the skin nicely hydrated from the residue oils, which are absorbed into the skin.  These  exfoliants are used now in manicures and pedicures but are too harsh for use on  the face.

Cream exfoliants – are a lot gentler on the skin and thus are very suitable for sensitive skins. These exfoliants have a cream base with fine, abrasive granules as the exfoliating agent, while the cream conditions and softens the skin.  Again, moisturize if necessary post-exfoliation, and avoid the face.  These harsher exfoliants may cause facial break-outs.

Body Wraps

Body wraps help to improve circulation and elimination of fatty deposits, to detoxify, or to temporarily re-contour the body.  The client lies on the table and the product is applied widely with a brush, the client is wrapped with plastic and foil or with contour tapes.  This process takes from 20 to 60 minutes and, when finished, the wrap is removed with warm water and a moisturizer applied.

Body wraps are excellent for the elimination of toxins, which aids circulation leaving the skin and body feeling refreshed and hydrated.

Clay wraps – are ideal if we are stressed, tired or devitalized. Modern lifestyles expose us to pollutants, both internal and external. This detox wrap eliminates impurities and leaves us with a sense of well-being.

Mineral mud wraps – are relaxing and help revitalize and re-balance the body needs. The skin is well hydrated and smoothed leaving the skin feeling like silk.

Slimming wraps – have an intensive slimming and smoothing effect on the skin.  They stimulate micro-circulation improving energy while encouraging the elimination of fatty deposits.

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