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The Effects of Acne Scars – Physically and Emotionally

The effects of acne scars can be detrimental both physically and emotionally. The wounds, although healed, leave behind spots and marks that are quite unappealing. Nothing has been found to wholly wipe out acne scarring. Still, an understanding of your skin may aid in easing your acne problems potential long-term ruins.

Acne is the result of a reaction between bacteria and sebum released by the glands present in skin, resulting to an infection. During the healing period of this condition, a fibrous protein called collagen is made. When the collagen is in excess, there is a lump and when its generation is below normal then it results in tiny craters on the skin. Acne scars like Megan Fox’s grow in both these situations. Teenagers are normally most prone to acne as the hormone levels increase during puberty causing more sebum discharge.

An acne scar is a result of our tissue s power to revive itself after sustaining an injury. After the human skin sustains injuries, which involves acne, the body attempts to mend the damaged tissue. However, the tissue cannot always be rejuvenated to its pre-injury state. There actually is no precise study linking why many individuals finish up with acne scars and why some luckily do not. To try to explain this, people have postulated that scarring simply runs in the blood . Thus, scarring is regarded a genetic nemesis. Some also scar permanently, while some individuals have scars that in the end disappear through time.

Since we have very minute understanding on acne scars, the safest way to hinder acne scars then would be to hinder its origin which is acne.

Acne must be treated early. The more inflamed the acne, the greater chance that it will leave scar. Also, it is crucial not to prick, poke or touch your pimple. Allow your dermatologist handle a good and proper extraction to hinder acne scars. It is also critical to recognize that the healthier you are, the faster your body will heal.

You should not forget the basic principles such as eating the appropriate foods with the right portions, drinking lots of water and other healthy liquids, and taking just plenty of rest. It is also necessary to keep yourself from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. Stay away from toxins that injures your body such as alcohol, nicotine and other things that causes free radical harm.