Lush Cosmetics Review

Lush Cosmetics Review

There are many Lush cosmetics reviews to be found online that reveal this product is well liked by many individuals but there are some complaints that the products are very pricey, and that the employees at the shops these products are sold at are very aggressive with their selling techniques, but overall people seem to be genuinely happy with the products themselves.

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

Lush began making its handmade and all natural products in the 1970’s and quickly gained popularity because it was believed to be better for people that often have reactions to other beauty products on the market. Because the ingredients are natural, there are no harsh chemicals to damage and irritate sensitive skin. In addition, these products are not tested on animals. As with any cosmetic company, certain products are more suitable for certain skin types. Following is a list of a few Lush products, what type of skin they seem to be most useful for, and a general overview of what Lush customer reviews say on the whole.

Lush Anti Aging Serum (Lush Illumination)

One very popular anti-aging and wrinkle cream on the market is Lush Illumination. This product combines natural moisturizing ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic acid with natural wrinkle and fine line reducing ingredients such as sunflower oil in order to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, keep skin revitalized and refreshed, and all without having any negative side effects.

This product has also been tested in numerous clinical studies to ensure its safety and effectiveness, and many can find Lush samples in the form of free trial sizes of the product or can get a money back guarantee so that customers can see for themselves if this is a product worth investing in. Many customer reviews say that this product is no miracle and results will not be dramatic; however, the general consensus is that the product does help with small lines and wrinkles, but most of all it helps moisturize and revive skin that has been damaged by years of sunlight and harsh weather.

Lush Saving Face Serum Bar

The Lush saving face serum comes in a soap-like bar that is simply rubbed on the face. This cosmetic product is not an anti-aging formula, but rather is intended to keep facial skin looking and feeling fresh, clean, and healthy. A variety of natural oils and ingredients are used to help balance the amount of oil on the face, control blemishes, retain hydration, and leave skin soft and smooth.

Powerful Wrinkle Repair Skin Fortifying and Anti-Wrinkle Serum
ReVitaSure Powerful Wrinkle Repair Skin Fortifying and Anti-Wrinkle Serum

It is important to note that this beauty product is intended more for those with oily skin, so it may not be the right product for those with flaky and dry skin. One common complaint with this beauty product is that it is rather costly and does not last as long as it is said to; some people reported it only lasting a few uses in the shower.

Lush Full of Grace Serum Bar

Another Lush face serum bar is the Full of Grace bar. This product is best for people with sensitive skin that easily gets irritated. It will not cure blemishes; however, it may help soothe some of the redness and irritation that is commonly associated with severe acne and rosacea. The ingredients for this serum include certain mushrooms, rose oil, Murumuru, and Cupuacu.

One concern with this beauty bar is that some of the oils contained in it can irritate some people. But if not allergic to these oils, there should be no type of reaction to the product other than healthier skin. One complaint about this product is that it melts rather easily in warm and humid conditions, which can make it rather messy when travelling. Most customers to use this product say it is truly an excellent moisturizer and helps keep a handle on oily skin, but also works well with dry skin.

Other than Lush Serum Products

There are many other well-reviewed products sold by Lush that are not face serums. Among the many products sold are body butters, lotions, body washes, soap bars, bath bombs, and there is even a selection of Lush makeup products which should not be mistaken for the Christie Brinkley Skin Care Line. While many people are very satisfied with their purchases of Lush homemade cosmetics, some people have reactions to the natural ingredients found in many of these products.

It is important if you are aware of an allergy or irritation to certain ingredients check for those ingredients in every product being considered in order to avoid any negative reactions. However, since many of these products are made with sensitive skin in mind, most people do not experience any negative reactions to the products sold.

Lush handmade cosmetics are a great line of products made available to people that cannot use other cleansers, serums, and anti-aging products, or want the choice to use something that will be healthier on their skin. The merchandise can be purchased either online or in shops throughout the UK and United states, and while the employees may heavily push for sales, they are usually friendly and very knowledgeable about all of the items that they sell, and will likely be able to help you choose the best Lush products for your skin.

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