Getting Rid Of Acne

Getting Rid Of AcneUnluckily acne is a condition that affects a large segment of the population. It is not just restricted to teens. To a greater extent people are discovering that acne does not just vanish after puberty as they had considered it would. As a result of this there is a major demand for understanding of ways to get rid of acne but not all that information is completely accurate.

As a matter of fact simply the idea of methods to get rid of acne is an inaccuracy in itself. This because if you already have acne it follows that your actual intention ought not to be a method by which to get rid of acne. Your actual intention ought to be a way to prevent acne from happening in the first place.

This line of reasoning cuts to the core of the situation when you consider that the majority of information existing for getting rid of acne is aimed at the existing acne you are experiencing. This information generally can be divided into a few groups.

Acne Lotions

There is a plethora of products available these days in the form of creams, lotions and ointments. Once more the logic behind them is unlikely. By applying something to the surface of the skin they are only dealing with the current outbreak. The most they are able to really do is provide a soothing feature to relieve tenderness and an antiseptic or antibiotic element to put a stop to the distribution of infection. At best they can lessen the time of the current occurrence and lessen the discomfort of the existing outbreak.

What none of them can actually do is identify the source of the acne outbreaks and address that source so as to make certain of no more acne.

Natural Acne Therapies

In this category we have essentially the equivalent concepts as the prior one. Substances like tea-tree oil, aloe vera and cinnamon being applied for either their soothing characteristics or as naturally occurring antiseptics.

Any topical treatment by itself listed under ways to get rid of acne is doomed to failure because it is dealing with the consequence, not the cause.

Skin Exfoliation for Acne

The thought here is that by frequently exfoliating the skin wherever the acne exists or is likely to emerge you will stop it by keeping the pores open. This concept is unsound since although it is accurate that dead skin is a factor of the problem in the pores getting obstructed it is not the total story. In fact the more likely starting place of the pores becoming obstructed is the sebum being created in those pores. This comes into contact with air and dries, resulting in obstruction. Removing the dead skin layer is comparatively ineffective.

A more valid approach would include comprehension of why the pores are over producing sebum from the outset.

The Actual Triggers of Acne

There is common agreement that there are principally three possible sources of acne. They are stress, hormones and diet and that any effective acne therapy program must incorporate these three components. The difficulty with these three factors is that it is hardly ever only one that is the trigger. It is more probable that it is one, two or all of them in some type of interaction.

Whatever the cause of your acne is, it is also evident that the cause is an interior one and not an exterior one. In appraising any of the ways to get rid of acne that you may come across, keep this in mind. The most consistently successful ways to get rid of acne involve understanding the three core sources and understanding that your specific acne is specific to you.

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