Glo Minerals Review

Glo Minerals Review

Glo Minerals Makeup: A Glowing Mineral Makeup Review

The glo minerals makeup line is comprised of high-end products clinically proven to help heal and beautify skin. Based on solid science, the cosmetics maker considers their products skin therapy first, using pharmaceutical quality natural ingredients with a scant few exceptions. The Glo Minerals makeup and skincare line is extensive and suitable for every type of skin. As with other mineral cosmetics manufacturers, they produce non comedogenic makeup that is free of dyes, perfumes and parabens. They also claim to back their superior product line up with an ‘extraordinary’ commitment to customer care. To this end, customer representatives are trained to provide attentive and expert service. So far, their adherence to quality has earned them a loyal business and retail customer base. As icing on the cake, they have been honored for four straight years by the American Spa Professionals association.

The company divides their line into two categories, therapeutics and ‘minerals,’ but they also have products aimed at professionals. Both lines are intended to be gentle enough for users with rosacea and acne, or for post procedure patients following various cosmetic skin treatments.

While all of this sounds great on paper, we looked beyond the advertising copy to find out what the average user thought of these high aspirations.

Before going to the reviews, it is worth noting the effort glow minerals makes at transparency. Each product has a complete list of ingredients in plain sight, and where there are exceptions to the ‘all natural ingredients’ rule, they point it out. There are eight exceptions which contain either gluten-derived elements or parabens. These include their Smoothing Salt Scrub, Face Primer and certain eye-enhancing products.

Some of the products on this list are also top sellers. We will look at four of their top-selling products for this review. These are the oil-free Camouflage foundation, Face primer base, Pressed base and Sheer tint base.

Powerful Wrinkle Repair Skin Fortifying and Anti-Wrinkle Serum
ReVitaSure Powerful Wrinkle Repair Skin Fortifying and Anti-Wrinkle Serum

GloCamouflage is a richly pigmented foundation designed to reduce prominent dark eye circles. It also works on excessive skin pigmentation around the eyes. It can be used alone or combined with gloConcealer for a flawless look. ‘Camouflage’ is priced slightly higher than other premium brands and is available in beige, golden, golden honey and natural colors. Reviewers found this product to be of high quality, but unsuitable for porcelain fair skin. For medium to light skin the beige or golden will be easiest to blend, but purchase a sample to try before buying whenever possible. Overall, consumers found gloCamouflage to have excellent coverage, even for blotchy, blemished skin.

The Glo Cosmetics Face Primer comes in an easy to apply tube for fast touch ups anywhere. Designed to create a smooth canvas ready for any look, Face Primer is a gel that doesn’t just cover, but fills in imperfections and lines. They recommend applying primer before the base foundation, and always on clean, exfoliated skin. Consumers love the way this product smoothes out their skin to prepare it for foundation, and the contemporary packaging is also appreciated. By applying the Face Primer first, many women found that they ended up using less foundation. Nothing like making your dollars go further! The only complaint was from a user who claimed her foundation looked tired and caked on by the end of the day. However, with proper application and some touch ups throughout the day, this problem should be solved.

The Glo mineral makeup line offers a variety of base products, but the Pressed Base compact is the most popular. Providing a semi-matte finish that travels easily in a jet black mirror compact, the pressed base is available in eighteen different shades. It offers sheer to full coverage and like the majority of their products, is safe for all skin types. This powder also protects the skin from damage caused by UVA, UVB and UV sunlight. An application sponge is included, but a kabuki or concealer brush is recommended for best results.

This product has received unanimous praise from consumers and magazines such as New Beauty. Consumer reviews justify the higher price tag, calling it excellent, natural-looking, flawless, weightless and more. The jury is in; for natural coverage that doesn’t looked caked on, is healthy for skin and protects it from the sun, try the glominerals Pressed Base.

The Sheer Tint Base goes on with a dewy finish for sheer coverage. Like all Glo cosmetics, it is made with a signature blend of antioxidant ingredients that nourish the skin. It is appropriate for many skin types, but is not recommended for oily complexions. The Sheer Tint is designed to give your face a natural glow while protecting it from harmful broad spectrum sunlight rays. While it can be used alone, for fuller coverage it can be used with a makeup foundation. This bronzing gel is easy to apply using fingertips or a brush.

As a top-selling Glo product, customers love the sun-touched look they get from just a little of the Sheer Tint base. The quality justifies the higher price; about $30 for a 1.4 oz. vial. This bronzer is not a moisturizer, but can be applied after moisturizing, or used before applying the Pressed powder foundation. Reviewers were careful to point out their absolute love of the Sheer Tint, even going so far as to call it the one they can’t live without.

The glo minerals cosmetics line started out of a desire to help women look beautiful while improving the condition of their skin. To this end, they chose only natural pharmaceutical grade ingredients which they list in their entirety for every product. Gentle enough to use on damaged skin, glo cosmetics are preferred at spas, in clinical environments and among women with sensitivities to other cosmetics.

At Glo, they believe that achieving the perfect look is not accidental, and whether it is foundation, mascara or lipstick, they provide tips on application and blending. As if great mineral cosmetics were not enough, their customer service is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Perhaps their motto says it best, this is hypoallergenic makeup with a higher purpose.

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