Healthy Skin Products

Healthy Skin Products

When it comes to our skin, all are equal. However, skin varies in colour, texture and thickness, but the fact is we all undergo the aging process. Utilising the advantages of scientific skincare, the rate at which the skin ages can be reduced. An old skin can still be beautiful, plump, fine textured and health in colour. The lines that appear on our face give it character; they are generally expression lines. Everyone can have as near perfect skin as possible if they begin a skin-care regime at an early age, although it is never too late to start using skincare products. For every possible skin condition there is a treatment that will improve or relieve it.

Severe acne skins will benefit more if you seek advice and prescribed medications from a doctor or skin specialist. This is especially so if the acne does not clear up or is recurring. However, it is still important to carry out a daily skin care procedure. Avoid harsh products containing alcohol as this may aggravate the skin. Use foaming face wash because this generally best suits this skin type. Follow this with a degreasing lotion (toner) to control the oil in the skin. The skin may be cleansed again in the middle of the day if there is an extreme oil flow. Most acne sufferers tend to avoid moisturizing as they feel their skin is already too oily. However, a moisturizer is important as it seals in the skin’s own moisture and acts as a barrier on the skin’s surface. A light-base moisturiser is best.

Generally, we all seem to have dry skin, even if it’s not just our face. Our skin can be affected by the sun, wind, extreme weather conditions and the clothes we wear. Exfoliating the skin once or twice each week will improve the texture of the skin and temper dryness. Try more natural-ingredient products such as oatmeal and apricot-kernel scrubs; salts in essential oils with a macadamia or almond oil; or raw sugar drenched in coconut oil. Always moisturize the skin daily – after cleansing is best.

All skins improve and benefit after we use a mask. Over time our skin builds up dead skin cells, excessive oil leading to or pores being clogged and filled with dirt and grime. A mask deep cleanses the skin, purifies and leaves it feeling refreshed. Oily/combination skins will benefit with a clay mask, whereas dehydrated/sensitive skin will benefit more with a creamy or soothing gel mask.

For healthy skin and best results the skin should be cleansed twice daily, toned and moisturised. Incorporating an defoliant and mask once a week will also improve the skin texture, enhance the skin surface leaving it clean and refreshed.

Some ingredients best suited for different skin types:

Normal / Combination skin

Grapefruit, cucumber extract and citrus extracts. These ingredients refresh the skin; leave it with a moderate oil flow and a more balanced superficial Ph level.

Oily skin

Camphor extract. This ingredient cools and cleanses the skin. It is great for over active sebaceous flow. It emulsifies waste, secretion and excessive sebum.

Dehydrated skin

Aloe Vera, vitamin A and vitamin E. These ingredients rehydrate and soften skin tissue. These ingredients are great for sun-damaged and mature skins, leaving the skin soft and plumped.

Sensitive skin

Avocado extract, coconut oil, chamomile and lavender. These ingredients reduce the effect on delicate skin with plant-based oils. They leave the skin smooth, well hydrated and relaxed.

Delicate / Fragile capillary skin

Witch hazel extract, apricot oil and mint. These ingredients are designed to cool and protect the skin in irritated, red and fragile capillary areas. They sooth flushed areas, especially during times of exposure to harsh environments and conditions.

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