Herbal Teas for Skin Care

Herbal Teas for Skin Care

Herbal teas are made from dried leaves, flowers, fruits, grasses, nuts and barks. These natural infusions provide many beneficial properties and are great for our health. Since they contain no caffeine and are easy to drink they are a healthier option than normal tea and coffee. Herbal tea can be one ingredient or a blended mixture designed to relax, rejuvenate, detoxify and keep the skin healthy. They have an excellent effect on the human body. Some provide cleansing properties, aid stomach and digestive problems, nourish the nervous system, and strengthen the immune system. Some herbal teas have antioxidants properties which help slow down the ageing process, boost energy levels and keep the skin revitalized. Some help relieve stress and anxiety and if drunk before bed, helps with sleep.

The best herbal teas for healthy skin are:

Chamomile:  Has a calming effect and relaxes the body. Helps treat dry skin, skin conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema, chickenpox, and diaper rash; good for allergies and it has an antibacterial result on the body. It is excellent for fungal infections. The antibacterial properties of chamomile are quite helpful in treating cuts or other wounds. Chamomile is most effective when applied directly to the wounded area.

One beauty trick is using chamomile tea to wake up the face and soothe tired eyes. It reduces puffiness naturally (great for dark circles) and can lighten the skin. If you place two damp teabags over your eyes and rest for a few minutes, you should notice almost instant results.

Green Tea: Helps fight free radicals. Free radicals form in the skin from toxins within the environment and sun exposure. Green tea can help in the prevention of premature ageing. Green tea is filled with antioxidants. It may help prevent skin cancer, helps to rejuvenate old skin cells reducing any redness, sensitivity and soothes irritated skins. It aids in controlling acne, improves skin color, appearance and texture.

Mint Ginger and Cinnamon: Has a cleansing effect for the blood and liver. Helps flush those nasty toxins out of the body and regulates the digestive system effectively. The condition of our organs has a huge impact on our skin. Flushing the body regularly will help prevent tired, sluggish looking skin.

Ginseng: Is filled with antioxidants and has healing benefits which our skin loves. Great for any skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis.

Rosehip Tea: Has sources of vitamin C considered to help in the anti-ageing of the skin. Is an excellent booster if you’re feeling run down. Rosehip will tend to prevent skin diseases from worsening.

Herbal teas are filled with nutrients; they may help prevent cancer and boost the metabolism. They may be a source of vitamins and minerals; keep the body well hydrated and provide an ‘aromatherapy for the mind.’  Herbal tea remedies are healthy, therapeutic and refreshing. Drinking organic herbal tea on a regular basis will help to restore the balance of healthy well-being, will accelerate healing as well as prevent the onset of degenerative conditions.

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