How does Skin Bleaching work – What is Skin Bleaching

We live in the information age. The answer to a question like “How does skin bleaching work?” is just a few clicks away. The problem is that most questions have multiple answers. This is fine when all we want a short answer to a definitive question such as what is the best skin bleaching system on the market.

However, when trying to find out more information about skin bleaching and the reasons for skin discoloration, you can easily get caught up in the rumors and myths that revolve around the real scientific facts of the matter. Knowing why is half the battle to winning any war. The following are the factually reasons behind the cause of skin discoloration, how does skin bleaching work and how skin bleaching is the cure.

Causes Of Skin Discoloration

There are a number of different ways skin discoloration can occur. The most common beginnings of skin discoloration occur mainly due to skin inflammation. This can be due to a bug bite, a small blemish, a simple rug burn, sunburn, etc. Almost anything that irritates your skin for a short amount of time can lead to permanent discoloration. After the inflamed skin reverts to normal PIH, aka post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation, can occur leaving pools of skin pigment in the previously inflamed area.  The darker your normal skin tone is, the darker the area of your skin affected by PIH will look. The darker your PIH color, the longer it will take bleach to turn the affected area back to its normal tone.

How does Skin Bleaching work - HyperpigmentationYou could also suffer skin discoloration due to melasma. Melasma generally occurs due to an imbalance in estrogen and will result in darker areas around your cheeks, mouth, and other parts of your facial area. This commonly occurs in people that are pregnant or taking supplemental estrogens but it has been known to occur without any assistance. So how does Skin Bleaching work? Skin bleaching will typically get rid of melasma quite easily.

The sun is also a very common culprit in producing skin discoloration. You are at danger of having ultraviolet rays from the sun discolor your skin whether you are outside for a long time playing around, sunbathing, or just walking through a sunny area. The best way to avoid skin discoloration from the sun is to wear sunscreen.

How Does Skin Bleaching Work

How does Skin Bleaching work - Blac Chyna
Blac Chyna is being criticized for selling a skin-lightening cream in Nigeria. The producer says its cream is meant to be used for conditions like hyperpigmentation, when people have dark spots on their skin.

Luckily, skin bleaching can cause your skin tone to become even and smooth no matter the cause of your skin discoloration. When bleaching your skin, remember to only apply the skin bleaching chemicals to the dark areas. If you can’t quite make out the affected area or you have a wide range of small spots you may want to try using a skin brightener rather than a skin bleacher. If you apply skin bleacher on unaffected areas of skin, you could lighten your normal skin tone, which would defeat the entire purpose of using the skin bleacher in the first place.

Also, be sure to stop bleaching once the darker areas are back to being your normal skin color. You should cover any areas you are trying to bleach with sunscreen whenever you go out the house otherwise you will have a much harder time getting your epidermis back to one consistent color. Lastly, you need to realize that skin bleaching takes time. Don’t expect to see a difference immediately after use. Keep at it and you are sure to see your skin back to the color it should be after a while.

What is Skin Bleaching? Natural Skin Lightening

Skin bleaching primarily uses a chemical known as hydroquinone, which is recognized by the FDA as a bleaching agent. It used to be the only ingredient used in skin bleaching ointments but recent scientific discoveries have found that the bleaching agent works better when paired with brighteners and other lightening chemicals.  Hydroquine is linked to skin cancer, liver failure, and more, so it is in your health’s best interest to invest in a skin brightener that is all nature and with no harsh chemicals. There are many skin brighteners on the market, you just need to pick one that is safe and proven to work.

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