Maybelline Review

Maybelline Review

Maybelline Makeup Cosmetics Offer Beauty for All

The Maybelline makeup brand is synonymous with beautiful models and actresses delivering the ‘maybe its maybelline’ catch line in their famous commercials. The company has permeated every major US and international market and still has powerful brand recognition. To maintain their hard won customer base, they have several product lines to cater to different clientele. The NYC 365 line embodies flashy, independent style, while other lines emphasize classic beauty. More and more, Maybelline is promoting non comedogenic makeup that looks good, and is healthy for the skin. Here are the popular products from this category and what users think of the quality.

Maybelline Dream Mousses

The Dream Smooth Mousse is the maybelline foundation the company describes as ‘baby-smooth perfection’ for your skin. They advertise 14 hours of hydrating perfection, especially for dry skin. It comes in ten shades from Porcelain Ivory (the lightest) to Caramel (the darkest.) Consumers agree that this product delivers as promised, but with some shortcomings. The foundation offers excellent coverage and wonderful texture, but may turn oily and shiny within a few hours of applying. Still, for the low price and wide availability, this is rated one of the top foundations. Best recommended as part of a fall/winter lineup. Also, consider getting the two-pack. While only a modest amount is needed, the containers are small.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

Another in the Dream line, the Dream Liquid Mousse is ‘air-whipped’ for one hundred percent poreless skin texture. It is a true non comedogenic product, and gives the user oil and fregrance free coverage. Consequently, it is considered safe to use on sensitive skin. This non comedogenic liquid foundation comes in a diverse palette of twelve shades. In addition, Cosmo rated it among their best for the year 2010. So what do users think?

Overall this product delivers as promised. It provides a smooth matte coverage that is gentle on skin and flexible in conjunction with other products. It blends with ease, but using a Kabuki brush is still the best option. Users also liked the conservative packaging (no boxes,) and the convenient pump action on the bottle. Among the cons is staying power. By the end of the day, this foundation begins to rub off, so expect to do some blotting and possible reapplication. On a final note, the liquid mousse has been known to cause breakouts for some customers. This is probably a poor choice for oily skin.

Fans of the Dream Mousse Maybelline products can also explore their ‘air-whipped’ blush and variations of the mousse foundation, all of which have received positive overall user reviews. For a good Maybelline foundation alternative, try Mineral Power Powder. With proper application, this product provides good, but light coverage. It is non-greasy, available in a sufficient number of shades and of course, priced right.

Powerful Wrinkle Repair Skin Fortifying and Anti-Wrinkle Serum
ReVitaSure Powerful Wrinkle Repair Skin Fortifying and Anti-Wrinkle Serum

Maybelline Lipstick: Sensational Color

Color Sensational lipsticks are another fan favorite. The pure pigmentation used in this line is supposed to offer superior color, no matter what your shade. This Maybelline lipstick provides MAC-like matte coverage for some, and unlike many brands, stays on for a long time. The line offers pretty colors with smooth texture. Most users feel that this lipstick moisturizes their lips, but beware; there have been complaints that this product causes lips to dry and crack.

CS lipsticks have more positives than negatives, and one of these is the wide selection of available colors. Lipcolors are available in fifty-four shades grouped into neutrals, plums, reds, pinks and pearls, and colors are true to their name. In fact, many consumers recommend using this lip color sparingly because the colors are so vibrant. As with any lipstick, each user’s experience will vary, but with so many happy customers, this is definitely a brand to try.

Maybelline Mascara

The mascara Maybelline products include the popular Volum Express One by One. This is a washable mascara developed to add volume to lashes. Applied with the unique ‘Lash Catcher’ brush, it is supposed to coat lashes without going on in chunks or becoming clumpy. This product is safe for women wearing contact lenses, and is also available in a waterproof version.

Although this mascara claims to cover every lash and offer maximum volume, consumers don’t always agree. Sure, it goes on dark, lengthens and curls for natural looking lashes. However, the application brush is too big for some, making it difficult to cover every eyelash. Many consumers feel that it does not provide volume as advertised. For best use of this product, a single coat applied carefully seems to work the best.

This product is offered as Classic Washable, Classic Waterproof, as well as Falsies Washable and Waterproof versions. The Volum’ Falsies flares lashes to make them more visible. Of course, trying both is the only way to know which will work best for you.

Extra Maybelline Skin Care Products

Customers who buy Maybelline products should also consider maybelline skin care. The Instant Age Rewind, Double Face Protector and Firmer are both recommended for covering up imperfections. Age Rewind is a primer available in a clear shade and applied before makeup goes on, but not before moisturizing. Double Face Protector is a two in one concealer and highlighter. It is made in four shades from light to dark and is non comedogenic and fragrance free.

Produced in twelve colors from Creamy Ivory to Cocoa Dark, radiant firming foundation contains Goji berry and caffeine for optimum skin health. It also protects the skin from the sun’s harmful rays with an SPF factor of 18. Age Rewind Firmer is designed for use in conjunction with Age Rewind Primer.

With such an extensive line of makeup, maybelline cosmetics has something for everyone. To find out what works best, try samples from the wide variety available. With Maybelline’s reasonable price points, you can afford to experiment.

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