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5 Home Remedies to Cure Acne with Honey

Home remedy to cure acne, is there such a thing? Yes there certainly is using natural skin products. This is equally effective as a remedy for body acne and zits, pimples and spots.

There are around 17 million people in the US alone who suffer these irritations. Acne spots are little skin cysts that can pop up at any time on anyone and I’m going certainly going to do my very best to advise you with a natural skin products.

All those millions of sufferers of this awful condition have prayed for a home remedy to cure acne. They have tried all the traditional treatments which have proved either ineffective or have left the delicate tissues of their skin severely weakened.

The problem with acne is that it doesn’t just attack our faces; there are many who suffer with back acne too and some who must be in a terrible state emotionally because their whole bodies can be covered.

It is not as some people assume a teenage condition; it can affect children and adults in exactly the same way and appears to be mainly caused by excess oily skin.

Curing acne like Megan Fox did, could be as simple as watching what you eat by including plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables but not always, because people who eat excellent diets can suffer with the same problems.

Go to your doctor and his or her idea of a remedy will be a prescription of some form of antibiotic cream or lotion. You religiously apply this and nothing happens!

Why, because as a nation antibiotics have been seen as the cure all for everything and are so frequently used our bodies have simply become immune to them.

Their next solution for a home remedy to cure acne is to prescribe you a cortisone or steroid cream. Again you apply this hoping to see some improvement and at times you do see a slight improvement but the long term damage caused to your skin means you stand a better chance of burning if out in the sun.

Lets try a home remedy to cure acne where you really do stand a chance of getting rid of those spots and keeping them away. Quick homemade acne remedies will probably cost a little more but when you think of what you will gain it will be so worth it.

Acne Skin Solutions

Home Remedy to Cure Acne – Using Natural Skin Products

This natural home acne remedy can be applied to the whole body; it will also help to get rid of spots and is just as useful of getting rid of pimples. I’m just going to help you with nature’s own wonderful cures.

There are so many claims made for the best cures of acne and I wouldn’t mind betting you have tried them all in desperation. In this case it is our ancient medicines honey and the benefits of Propolis to the rescue.

Important Information – Home Remedy to Cure Acne

Acne Clear Skin Kit
Having to deal with skin breakouts and blemishes can add extra stress to your busy life. We picked our favorite clear skin products to simplify your skin routine with 4 easy steps.

The type of honey you use is an extremely important factor. Not any old jar of honey will work. Please use an effective and proven honey such as Manuka Honey with a UMF of 18+ or higher or Medihoney. These two have very high levels of antibacterial properties and anti-inflammatory contents.

Honey as you may or may not know is nature’s best natural medicine. Propolis is another honey bee product which they collect and use to strengthen their hives to keep it infection free and hygienic.

It is a mixture of balm, wax and resin with very strong antibacterial, antifungal and anti- inflammatory properties; these have been used for thousands of years. It is thought that Aristotle named Propolis which means “on behalf of the city”.

Again, as with the benefits of honey there has not been enough emphasis put on this amazing natural product. However, the medical professions are paying more attention as it is becoming more widely used again in the world of medicine.

Home Remedy to Cure Acne Step # 1

Use a gentle scrub which you will make yourself with ground almonds or fine sea salt and honey. Go easy on this, please don’t scrub too harshly as it will not scrub the skin infection away. It will however prepare your skin for treatment and just get rid of the top layer of dead skin cells.

Home Remedy to Cure Acne Step # 2

At least three times a day, wash your face with a completely chemical free soap, try to use a natural honey and Propolis based soap and try hard to resist the urge to touch it in-between unless your hands are very clean.

Home Remedy to Cure Acne Step # 3

After each wash apply a neat application of Medicinal Honey and leave this on the areas you are treating for as long as possible, even overnight. If you pop a clean towel over your pillow and sheets it will save you having to change these every day.

A mattress protector would also be a good investment if you are covered in honey but please don’t go outside like this during the day!. If your hair is long tie it back off your face to keep that area free.

Home Remedy to Cure Acne Step # 4

Each morning after you have showered off the excess honey apply a natural Propolis cream to the affected areas. If you can shower more frequently during the day apply the Propolis cream each time. If it is just facial acne this would be easy for you.

Home Remedy to Cure Acne Step # 5

If possible try not to wear any make-up, apply any nasty chemicals or shave whilst curing your acne or spots. I know it can be difficult especially the no make-up for us females but I promise it will be well worth the wait when you look like a movie star.

Two people I know personally have used this treatment as a natural home acne remedy with great success, they are the only two people I know who have suffered the misery acne can bring and I see no reason why it won’t work for you.

You’ll soon feel more beautiful than you already are. I absolutely love these two products and so will you.

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