The Effects Of Acne Scars - Physically & Emotionally

How to get rid of post acne marks

How to get rid of post acne marks? Acne scarring is something that can remain with a person long after the acne itself is no longer a problem. While these scars occasionally fade away on their own, for many people they are a lasting reminder of those long years of fighting outbreak after outbreak.

For many people those scars acne left behind takes away from their new smooth complexion and their self-confidence and they look for acne scarring treatments as a way to remedy the situation once and for all.

How to get rid of post acne marks?

Here is a look at some of the available treatments and what you can expect.

Microderm Abrasion

Microderm Abrasion is used to gently sand the epidermis layer of your skin away leaving new skin cells to grow and thus removing the scar tissue bit by bit. Since most acne scars go beyond the top layer of skin often times as many as 15 treatments are needed which at around $150.00 dollars per treatment can be quite expensive.

It should also be noted however, that not all acne scars can be removed with this treatment and you may need to combined microderm abrasion with other treatments to remove those acne scars. In addition this treatment can lead to hyperpigmented spots in some individuals, replacing acne scars with dark spots on your skin.

Often times your dermatologist will suggest deep abrasion to remove acne scars. Unlike microderm abrasion that removes portions of the epidermis, deep abrasion removes all the epidermis and part of the dermis. Deep abrasion is expensive, takes longer to heal from and leaves you open to infection during the healing process. It also can result in hyperpigmentation.

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Chemical Peels

Chemical peels use certain chemicals to literally burn off the top and sometimes second layer of your skin. There are three types of chemical peels available but the main two used in acne scarring treatment are medium and deep chemical peels. Depending on which chemical peel you get and where the chemical peel is done these procedures can run from $1,500 to $5000 per treatment.

Medium chemical peels may need to be done 2 or more times in order to be effective and still may not remove all types of acne scars. With deep chemical peels they can only be done once in a lifetime whether they prove effective or not. Recovery time from chemical peels can be rather lengthy, taking 2 or more weeks, and there is a high risk of infection during the healing process and you will need to take antibiotics during recovery. In addition this procedure poses its own risk of scarring and some people also end up with hyper or hypopigmented spots.

Laser Acne Treatments

Laser acne treatments run between $1200.00 and $2500.00 depending on where you have them done. Like chemical peels they work by burning the skin in the affected area, allowing new skin to grow. However, because lasers can be directed to the exact point of the scar they usually pose less risk of infection because less area is affected. However, the procedure is painful and most people find that they need to ice the treated areas to reduce swelling and help relieve pain. In addition, in some cases lasers have been known to create scars of their own and there is a chance that hyper or hypopigmented spots may develop.

Punch Techniques

Punch acne removal is used on deep acne scars. In this procedure, a cookie cutter type tool is used to remove the scar and the surrounding area and then the edge of the would is sewn together. Not only will you need to have those stitches remain until the wound has healed but, although they will be smaller you will be left with new scars in place of the old ones. Often, your dermatologist will recommend laser or other expensive treatments to get rid of the new scars once they have healed.


Injections really won’t rid you of the scar. They either make the scars appear flatter and less noticeable or they fill them in. Injections are not considered a permanent treatment for acne scars as you will need to continue to have injections to keep the scars filled.

Natural Skin Lighteners and Brighteners

Natural skin lighteners and brighteners are less expensive than invasive treatments for treating acne scars and pose none of the worrisome side effects such as scarring or infection. They work over time to lighten and brighten your skin and give you a more even skin tone. They don’t remove the scars but rather, they make them match the rest of your skin color so that they are less noticeable.

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