megan fox skin care

Megan Fox Skin Care

The Megan Fox Skin Care Routine: Megan is not a big user of big name skin care products. Instead of moisturizing creams that cost several hundred dollars, she uses cold pressed organic grapeseed oil. It works beautifully on her sensitive skin, keeping it moist without causing breakouts. This, regular cleansing – she washes her face at least twice daily, and plenty of quality sleep, are the basic foundations of the Megan Fox skin care routine.

She also enjoys a weekly oxygen facial in lieu of face masks, which she doesn’t always have time to apply and sit around wearing. Once she’s cleaned and moisturized with the oil, she applies a tinted moisturizer which doubles as foundation, adds a dash of mascara, and a colorful lip-gloss and she’s good to go. She’ll also dab some eye serum around her eyes after she washes her face.

Megan Fox Skin Care Routine Keeps Things Basic And Down To Earth

Another trick Megan has up her sleeve that she highly recommends as an alternative to expensive cosmetics is using Vaseline on eyelids and cheekbones as a highlighter. She also suggests ditching the foundation occasionally to allow skin to breath. It’s something she does herself. In fact, when she isn’t working, she’ll often go without make up at all, preferring to give her skin a break.

Megan Fox Skin Care Routine Keeps Things Basic And Down To EarthMegan also tries to stay out of the sun as much as possible and always wears a hat if she does have to go out in it. She can’t wear most sunscreens or products with SPF because her skin reacts badly to the chemicals in them, although she has found one product she can use.

Regular exercise is another part of her beauty routine. It also gives her the energy she needs to keep up with her busy schedule. She has a fitness trainer who not only designs her daily workout routine but also works out her meal plan. A typical workout for Megan involves circuit training (45 minutes) making sure every muscle group is worked.

She does exercises like crunches, hyperextensions, lateral planks, swiss ball and so on. Each exercise lasts 5 minutes. She then has a 30-second break before starting the next exercise. She also does Pilates, dancing, cycling, running, and a spot of weight lifting.

The diet plan her trainer has her on incorporates 5 small meals a day plus a cheat day where she can eat what she wants. Those meals for Megan consist of predominantly fresh fruit and vegetables along with various whole foods plus she eats a lot of salads with a dash of apple cider vinegar added.

She doesn’t eat processed foods, dairy products, grains, or white breads but she does make sure she gets plenty of healthy fats. She also never skips breakfast, which typically consists of a couple of egg whites, a handful of almonds, and some fresh fruit.

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