Top Tips To Prevent Acne Breakouts

Top Tips To Prevent Acne Breakouts

People develop acne for a number of reasons. Hormones are typically the main point of fault, but other factors may be stress, lack of sleep, or even certain drugs. Using products such as lotions or make-up not specifically labeled as being comedogenic or oil-free can cause acne break outs as well.

For most people, however, genetics seems to be the number one reason for acne problems. Certain skin characteristics are and can be inherited which can exacerbate an acne problem before it can get started. While a person may be more susceptible to certain skin conditions, there are preventative measures that can be taken.

It may sound counter-productive, but the skin – especially the face – can actually be washed too much. Overzealous cleaning could cause the skin to get dry which in turn causes more oil to be produced. This in turn becomes a vicious cycle. Gentle washing with a mild soap is sufficient enough. Further, using water based make-up or lotions will keep the pores from becoming clogged and causing acne flare-ups.

It has yet to be scientifically proven, but there are certain foods that should be avoided if it is thought that any is causing acne. Tomatoes, oranges, lemons and spicy food can cause an inflammatory response in the body.

Not only for the sake on one’s skin, but for overall body health, it is recommended that processed foods and fried foods should be avoided as well. Overexposure to the sun may also trigger an outbreak of acne as well like in Megan Fox’s case or cause other skin damage.

While it may be impossible to avoid all contributors to acne, there are more treatment options available to help those afflicted with embarrassing acne breakouts.

Most doctors recommend using specially formulated over-the-counter products that contains benzoyl peroxide. In more severe cases, prescription creams with a retinoid component to not only help kill the bacteria, but heal the skin well.

Acne Skin Solutions

Acne – How long will it take before I start seeing results?

Breaking the Cycle of Acne Flare ups Takes Time and Commitment:

Some patients using JustNutritive skin care products have seen significant results in their battle to clear their skin of acne in a remarkable 7 to 14 days. Although these results are excellent the overall results from the majority of patients see result in 30 to 90 days. These results are based on the patients following the full skin care routine on a daily basis for three months.

This is NOT a Miracle 7-day Cure All!

From the time a blemish first appears it can take up to three weeks for the actual breakout to appear. The JustNutritive system flushes out the toxins and bacteria from the body that cause the acne breakouts. This process takes about 30 days to restore your skins balance and show signs of significant improvement.

For the ideal results we recommend that you make a commitment to the program and stick with it for the full 3 months. If you need inspiration you can use the success stories that have been submitted about JustNutritive.

Remember: Even a person who is diligent in washing their face every day can still suffer from severe acne, so you are not alone in this process and simply committing to this three-month program can dramatically change your life.

Acne Clear Skin Kit
Having to deal with skin breakouts and blemishes can add extra stress to your busy life. We picked our favorite clear skin products to simplify your skin routine with 4 easy steps.

Will JustNutritive Cure my Acne Completely?

There is no miracle cure for acne but using JustNutritive can dramatically reduce the acne breakouts and even suppress severe breakouts in the future by simply applying the JustNutritive regiment on a regular basis.

While you are first using the product you can expect you acne to increase slightly while the products are cleansing your body of the toxins as well as the dead skin cells. The results will leave you pleasantly surprised at how healthy your skin will appear at the end of the 3 month regiment.

How To Clear Pores

When it comes to being a teenager, one of the biggest problems most have is clogged pores. These pores get clogged by an excessive amount of sebum, a natural substance that helps keep the skin healthy. During puberty, and at other times in life, the amount of sebum that the body produces goes into overdrive. That is due to fluctuating hormones, especially DHT. The sebum attracts skin debris and the combination is what clogs pores. That can lead to bacterial growth and pimple development. Getting those pores clean is important for controlling acne of all sorts.

Here are some easy methods on how to clear pores:

  • Clean your face twice a day with a good soap made for fighting acne prone skin. Use warm water. The idea is to get rid of the excess skin cells and other debris as well as the excessive sebum. However, do not scrub the skin too hard. That will do damage to the surface skin cells.
  • Use an acne cleanser at night after washing your face. It should contain salicylic acid, which helps to keep the skin environment acidic while also clearing pores.
  • Another option for clearing pores is to dab on witch hazel with a cotton ball right after washing the face. This mild astringent helps to tighten the skins pores and remove excess sebum.
  • No more than once a week, it is a good idea to exfoliate the skin. With oily skin, the skin cells tend to stick around longer than they should. That contributes to acne skin. Exfoliation helps to remove the top layer of skin. Doing it more than once a week, though, can damage the skin.
  • Don’t go with heavy makeup. Heavy foundation, especially creamy types, can settle into the pores and make acne prone skin even worse. The first rule on how to clear pores is to keep stuff from clogging it in the first place.
  • Drink plenty of water. The body has the ability to keep itself healthy in most cases. However, you can help it along by consuming water. The water can help the body balance the amount of sebum being produced.
  • Take a steamy shower. This will help the skin pores relax and release some of the trapped debris.
  • Keep items you use around your face clear of excess oil. Glasses are a big one to keep an eye on. The oil can settle onto those surfaces and travel back on the skin where you don’t want it. It is also recommended to wash your pillow sheets at least once a week.

When you need to know how to clear pores, keep these suggestions in mind.

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