Naomi Watts Skincare Routine

Naomi Watts Skincare

When British born actress Naomi Watts immigrated to Australia with her parents at age 14, one of the first things she did was slather herself in baby oil and try to emulate her newfound bronzed Aussie friends.  Today, whilst she still loves that healthy summer glow, she’s much more Naomi Watts Skincare Routine 2sensible about how much exposure she gets and using sunscreen is one of her top skincare tips.  She always makes sure she has a tube of sunscreen with her.

Naomi also touts regular use of a good quality cleanser as another of the secrets behind her smooth, ageless looking complexion and is a big fan of regular facials.  Drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep round out her main skincare tips. And, because of her sensitive skin she tries to avoid using skincare products that have a lot of perfume.  She prefers to use essential oils instead and says there’s nothing better than soaking in a bath with her one of her favorite oils added!

Naomi Watts Skincare – Aging Gracefully Without Stress

Because she has to wear so much makeup when filming, she tends to use as little as possible when she’s not working.  Her favorite off-duty look is fresh and natural with a good colored lipstick.

When she is working, her number one priority at the end of each day is to remove the makeup with a very hot washcloth before an exfoliation with the Clarisonic and finishing up with an application of moisturizer.

Naomi is a big fan of eating healthy but she also allows herself the luxury of indulging in some of her favorite treats.  That means chocolate or popcorn and potato chips!  She also sticks to white meats like fish with the occasional piece of chicken and avoids red meat, mainly because she’s never acquired a taste for it.

For exercise, she enjoys yoga mixed up with a little bit of cardio, dancing, Pilates and running.  However, she’s finding that as she gets older she has to be mindful of her back so these days she focuses more on yoga and less stressful forms of exercise.

So in short, Naomi’s health, beauty and fitness philosophy is to eat properly, sleep properly and keep fit and healthy.

Does the Naomi Watts Skincare Routine include 100% Raw Organic Argan Oil?

Well … we assume it does as more and more people are getting on the argan oil bandwagon, and these people are looking for good sources of 100% raw organic argan oil, and for good reason! Argan oil is a natural oil that comes from a plant that grows only in Morocco, and has been used by generations of Berber women for beauty and for cooking.

Argan Oil from Morocco
100% Raw Organic Argan Oil for Stretchmarks

While it’s becoming more common to find argan oil in hair care and face products, argan oil has also been shown to have a wonderful effect against scarring and stretchmarks. Too many people avoid wearing swimsuits due to severe stretch marks, and others won’t be caught dead without makeup because of skin imperfections and acne scars. Isn’t it great to know that there’s something that can truly correct both of these conditions naturally?

Walking out onto the beach in summer with stretchmarks rippling across thighs and bellies, is as appealing as walking across a bed of hot coals. Unfortunately, so many people miss out on the joy of bathing in the great outdoors because they’re simply too self conscious!

How Does Argan Oil Work?

I have a lot of stretchmarks, many due to pregnancy, and many due to gaining too much weight during pregnancy (both are connected, but really, there was no reason to get so overweight that I got stretchmarks all over my legs as well as my belly).

When I heard about 100% raw organic argan oil, I knew it was something I needed to try. Not only that, but I knew argan oil was great for the skin, and has many anti-aging properties. So, I could hit two birds with one stone so to speak: get rid of those nasty embarrassing stretch marks, and improve the overall appearance of my skin. Who wouldn’t want that??

100% raw organic argan oil contains nutrients like vitamin E and vitamin A, powerful antioxidants, lipids and essential fatty acids.  All of these healing nutrients combine to reduce redness and inflammation, alleviate wrinkles and fine lines, and yes, even reduce and eliminate stretchmarks and scars. It also contains saponins, which work well to improve the quality of skin and help remove scarring and also stretch marks.

My Own Argan Oil Experience

I have been using argan oil now for three months, and it’s made a wonderful difference in the appearance of my skin. Not only have my stretch marks begun to fade, but the fine lines on my face appear even finer, and my complexion really looks rejuvenated. I’ve even started cooking with argan oil, because of its wonderful health benefits internally as well as externally!

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