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Putting The French Into Natalie Portman Skin Care

The Natalie Portman Skin Care Routine: Spending a lot of time in Paris has given Natalie Portman a very French attitude to skin care. She’s also vegan, although she was vegetarian for a long time. It was the discovery that eggs and dairy were responsible for her adult acne that encouraged her to take that extra step and cut them out. Today her skin is testament to her clean living, clean eating lifestyle and to the skin care routine she’s developed. She also drinks plenty of water, something else she attributes her good skin to.

Natalie Portman Skin Care Routine: Putting The French Into Natalie Portman Skin CareThat routine involves always removing her make up and cleaning her face thoroughly in the mornings and before going to bed. In fact, she’s so ‘into’ clean skin that she double cleanses just to make sure there’s no trace of make up left on her skin at all. She also prefers organic skin care products that are free of harmful chemicals because they’re kinder on her skin and better for the environment.

After a good clean with a biologically friendly makeup remover that is excellent for removing all traces of even the most stubborn make up, she tones then washes her face with an organic toner and face wash. She’ll then use a similarly organic moisturizer, and perhaps an eye cream from the same company.

If she’s flying, she’ll add a moisturizing mask to the routine. Most of these products not only feel good to use, they also smell nice (rosehip and chamomile) and for Natalie, that makes a difference. Their moisturizers in particular are designed for sensitive skin and soothe whilst they hydrate.

Putting The French Into Natalie Portman Skin Care

She also exfoliates regularly; again she prefers to use organic products and her exfoliating cream of choice is mild and creamy. An Australian made pawpaw lip ointment keeps her lips in good order and allows her to get away with wearing the neutral lipsticks she prefers, although she has found a nice red one that she enjoys wearing as well. If she’s heading outdoors, she applies sunscreen as well.

An additional Natalie Portman skin care tip that she swears by is keeping your hands away from your face as much as possible, and not over plucking eyebrows as they eventually stop growing back. She’s also in bed by midnight regardless to ensure she gets enough sleep as that’s important for good skin too but admits that although she does sleep well, it’s often not for very long these days now that she has young children. It’s one of the inevitable joys of parenthood!

Natalie is also keen on exercise. She has an hourly routine she goes through at least 4 days a week. Typically she’ll do regular swimming sessions to build up leg strength and improve her cardio health. She does Pilates and workouts on elliptical machines for overall body strengthening. Spinning routines are great for improving metabolic function, and her stretching routines help keep her flexible and supple.

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