Neutrogena Review

Neutrogena Review

There has been a trend in the Makeup industry lately toward using natural minerals for foundation and face powder. Most brands make a point of excluding old-fashioned talc as an ingredient, instead opting to use mica, zinc oxide, bismuth oxychloride, or titanium dioxide. There are several advantages to using makeup with a mineral base including a lighter more even application, a tendency not to settle into facial lines, and a soft glowing appearance. The latter distinction is caused by the millions of microscopic particles whose facets catch and reflect the light without becoming shiny. Although personal tastes will differ, mineral makeup foundations generally offer a natural-looking and non-intrusive blending solution for women.

It is important to read the ingredients list on any mineral makeup product because technically, even products containing a tiny percentage of even a single mineral can slap the word on the label. The best brands will stick to the above mentioned ingredients combined with pigment and little else. Other factors to consider when choosing a product are the range of colors available, the application method, and of course the price.

By comparing a wide-range of products based on these criteria, we determined that our top ranking product in its price range was Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Powder Foundation. This particular brand of Neutrogena products won’t be the perfect foundation for every woman, but for those seeking an easy and affordable, natural-looking solution, this product is worth a closer look. Read on for a description of the reasons why we chose this mineral makeup from among the host of available products.

What we like most about these particular Neutrogena products is their light natural look. A few strokes goes a long way toward evening out skin tone and the soft warm result is highly appealing. This makeup manages to improve the natural radiance of your skin without ever becoming shiny or looking caked-on. Another important feature is that Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Powder Foundation does not settle into wrinkles or laugh lines. In most cases it would be difficult to notice this makeup at all even upon close examination.

This is not a ‘white-wash’ makeup for all-purpose tone consistency or for covering up blemishes, instead it smooths out natural skin tone, reducing areas of slight redness and minimizing the effect of wrinkles without making them unnaturally disappear. The ‘sheer’ category of foundation powders offers the thinnest layer of pigment available, usually between 8% -13% of the content. Anyone interested in a one product solution for covering blemishes will probably want to shop for medium or full coverage foundation. On the other hand, many people choose to use a concealer first on problem areas applying a sheer foundation powder afterwards in order to achieve a smooth even effect. This product is best for those who would like a natural, minimal effect, as though they were not wearing makeup at all.

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Although it will require a little bit of experimentation to master, in our Neutrogena Mineral Makeup review we found that the application method for this makeup was actually quite useful and efficient. The package seems small next to the others on the shelf at the makeup store, but as it tends to stretch farther, this should not be a concern. The all-in-one packaging includes a repository for the face powder at one end and a soft brush at the other. To apply, the user simply slides down the band around the middle and shakes the container gently to release loose powder onto the brush. We would like to stress the word gently, as it doesn’t take much to load the brush and the makeup won’t do much good all over the bathroom floor. When you are finished, simply snap the band closed to seal the powder into its repository.

To apply, circular swirling motions work best. Begin with a few light strokes where you need it most followed by a few broad strokes that cover the whole face. Over-brushing will apply more foundation, so it is important to use a light touch until you get the hang of it. It is possible to build up slightly heavier than sheer coverage by brushing over the same area a few times. We especially like this product as it offers this flexibility of coverage while remaining remarkably natural-looking. A clear plastic cover that snaps into place makes this product ideal for carrying in your purse and using on the go.

This powder foundation is available in the full range of skin tones, and we didn’t have any problems finding a match. The number of available colors equals or beats similar products on the market adding to the recommend-ability of this makeup. While it may not be as easy to find as other popular products, Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Powder Foundation is available at a wide range of retailers and even some discount stores. It should not take very much research to track down the full product line in your area.

The final positive attribute that made us love this product was the price. The user-friendly .18 ounce container with attached brush can be found in many locations for around $10. Despite the nice price, we found that this product compares favorably to much more expensive brands.

Obviously everyone will have their own personal tastes when it comes to choosing a foundation, and these Neutrogena products will not be perfect for everyone. If you are interested in the trend toward mineral foundations or are already a fan and you are looking for a sheer, natural looking product, Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Powder Foundation is an excellent choice. It is sheer enough to be invisible while producing an even, glowing, shine-free effect and it will not leave streaks, lines, or that unfortunate mask effect. Whether you use it in combination with a concealer or by itself, this mineral foundation receives our enthusiastic seal of approval.

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