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Olivia Wilde Skin Care – Natural Is The Word Here

Olivia Wilde is on a mission to spread the word about natural skin care products and the benefits of recycling. The 35-year-old mother of 2 is extremely fastidious about what she puts on her skin, opting for pure and natural as much as possible. It’s a trait that apparently runs in her family because her mother had a similar philosophy.

That being the case, the Olivia Wilde skin care routine consists of a natural face wash first thing to help prevent acne breakouts. She follows up with a face oil that she uses like a massage oil. The oil serves as an excellent moisturizer as well; in fact Olivia maintains it’s the only moisturizer she uses now because it truly is that good. Her night-time ritual is similar – first the face wash followed by the face oil then an application of an antioxidant booster. She also uses a vitamin C booster several times a week.

Olivia describes her beauty routine as ‘low-key but thoughtful.’ She certainly isn’t obsessed about her looks but she is keen to ensure her skin holds out for the next half century at least. That’s a large part of the reason she’s opted to go natural with all her skin care products and is currently the ambassador for one of the more reputable natural skin care companies. She came across the company when researching options for potentially creating her own skin care line.

Olivia Wilde Skin Care – Natural Is The Word Here

Olivia Wilde Skin Care – Natural Is The Word HereWhen it comes to make up, Olivia says she finds it can be very mood transforming. Understated and ‘girl next door’ for a day out with her family, glamorous and trendy for a red carpet function. A good mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick are her go-to essentials along with a stretch concealer. A luminizer and a touch of blush can be added as required.

One of her secrets to achieving a fuller lip look is using a toothbrush to exfoliate them before applying lipstick. If she needs to look particularly glamorous, she’ll add a touch of liquid eyeliner as a final touch up. She also takes great care with her eyebrows as it’s taken her 15 years to grow decent ones! Therefore, she’s become somewhat of an expert with eyebrow pencils and brow makeup!

With her hair, Olivia says she doesn’t do all that much with it in between jobs, preferring instead to give it a bit of a break. She uses a natural shampoo and conditioner made by the company she’s ambassador for but apart from that, leaves it alone to ‘recover’.

In addition to her passion for clean, organic lifestyle products, Olivia is also a keen advocate of recycling and re-using. Her latest venture involves used clothing; she sees huge potential for this and is keen to keep these types of products out of landfill where they can take years to break down. Then there are the manufacturing considerations – every new garment that’s produced invariably leaves a carbon footprint of some sort, particularly those that aren’t produced sustainably.

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