Skin Irritation Causes

Skin Irritation Causes

Whenever possible, purchase makeup that is available in a powder form. Powdered makeups not only remove shine with ease, but they don’t contain many preservatives and have few amounts of ingredients that may cause irritated skin in comparison to liquid makeup.

Stay away from waterproof makeup, which need solvents to wash them off. These are usually caustic chemicals that sensitive skin responds quickly to and usually with fairly severe reactions, sometimes allergic. They also get rid of sebum, the oily, sebaceous gland-producing substance found in the skin. This is also referred to as the “Acid Mantle”, and without it, sensitive skin is unprotected from possible skin aggravations that can result in a breakout.

Get rid of any old makeup you may have. The average lifespan for a cosmetic product includes three to four months for mascara, one year for lipstick and foundation, and two years for any kind of powder or eye shadow. You should also regularly wash any brushes or sponges you may use to get rid of any dirt or germs that can accumulate and irritate your sensitive skin.

– Use  only solid black mascara and eyeliner cosmetics. It is recommended by dermatologists to use black because it is said to be the color with the least chance of an allergic reaction in eye makeup.

– Apply pencil eyeliners or eyebrow fillers before using other products. These are wax and pigment-based, and contain a marginal amount of additives. There are far less probable to cause irritations than liquid products that have latex ingredients, which may cause allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to latex.

– Primarily use eye shadows that consist of earth tones. Lighter colours, including tan, beige, white, or cream appear to irritate the upper eyelid less frequently. The richer pigment concentration in darker shades have been known to cause adverse reactions in ladies that have sensitive skin.

– Check the ingredients in your sunscreen. It is recommended by dermatologists to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or greater, on a daily basis. Women who have sensitive skin should only use sunscreen that contains the physical elements of zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. As opposed to chemical sunscreens that soak in ultraviolet sunrays, a sunscreen with physical ingredients instead deflects the rays.

– Do not use products that contain 10 or more ingredients. A product that contains fewer ingredients is less probable to result in a reaction. Although, aside from the quantity of ingredients in the product in question, first test it on a very small patch of skin and see if you have a reaction to it before you use it regularly.

– Stay away from nail polish. You can accidentally transfer wet nail polish to your eyes or face before it is dry. This can result in major irritation for women who have sensitive skin or are allergic to anything in the polish.

– Stick with foundations that are made from silicone. Although it is recommended that you use powder cosmetics to shield sensitive skin, women who insist on a liquid base should choose a product with silicone. Silicone bases do not cause breakouts, and they also have a low chance of causing irritated skin.

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