Does The Sunshine Make You Old

Does The Sunshine Make You Old?

Every person has a different skin type and different kind of skin sensitivities. From childhood you begin to hear from your parents to protect your skin from sun. They tell you to stay indoor during the peak summer sun hours and some of the parents also recommend using sun block/ sun screen.

As a child grows up, he/ she develops the habits once taught by parents. Some of them adopt the habit of staying away from sun in order to protect themselves from the harmful rays while others ignore the lurking dangers and don’t bother using a sun screen or using an umbrella and call a damage for their skin.

Below are some of the major problems you can face while actually facing the sun:

Skin Tan:

It is beyond our thinking what damage the exposure to direct sun causes to our skin and body. Apart from its advantages that it is a direct and natural source of Vitamin D, there are so many disadvantages to its direct exposure that can cause long term problems for anyone. They say excess of everything is bad and same goes for the excess of sun rays that result into the damage of your skin. Exposing you skin to direct sunlight especially the in the summer is risking your skin for many problems. The first and one of the most irritating as well as loved by some people thing is tan.

When your skin is in direct exposure to the dangerous sun rays, they will automatically make you look darker. As a result, you will get that tan, a kind of darker skin tone that some people mainly in West adore whereas some people basically majority hates it but they are mostly unaware how to avoid the hazard their skin gets trapped in. If the skin remains in the constant exposure to the direct sun rays, that sun damage skin looks unattractive and unappealing. Not only the skin gets tan but there are so many more damages that the skin goes through due to sunlight. If the skin is revealed in direct sunlight, it gets tan so quickly. It is a matter of days whereas its recovery takes quite long.


Water is one of the basic necessities of our life and we totally rely on water for living apart from oxygen. It is always recommended that a person should stay hydrated. Our bodies can be dehydrated due to many reasons and direct sunlight exposure is on the top of that list. If a person stays for long under the sun, there are 101% chances that his/ her body is dehydrated. Even if you drink lots of water, you can be dehydrated due to constant exposure of direct sun rays. So, it is the utmost thing to do, to stay away from sun in order to avoid dehydration.

You should drink as much water as possible as well as stay inside your house or office to avoid such problems as dehydration and tan. A dehydrated person can never lead a healthy life. To be healthy and to help for skin damage, you need to take care of yourself and that is only possible to avoid sunlight as much as you can in this case.


Something that worries every other woman is wrinkles. A woman always stares at her face in the mirror trying to find wrinkles on her face and if she finds any, she is on the roller coaster of complexes where she does everything in her power to hide them. From using wrinkle treatment creams to getting all the treatments in the parlours to maintain a wrinkle free skin, she does it all. Where does all this trouble begin? If you contemplate, it might be your own fault. It might be your fault of exposing your skin in the sun, walking in the sunlight without sun screen and that happens in majority of the cases.

Most women and young girls forget to use sun block or they tend to ignore the hazards of sun rays. The Ultra violet rays that are emitted from the sun are so dangerous for your skin because according to the scientists and astrologers, the ozone layer is depleting. This ozone layer depletion lets the dangerous sun rays enter the earth and affect the people directly causing skin diseases and sun damaged skin. To help your sun damaged skin, start using sun block today.


Skin pigmentation is a common problem people face these days. Almost every sun lovers has pigmentation. Your skin has color because of a pigment known as melanin. That pigment absorbs vitamin D from the sun and when that pigment gets damaged due to over exposure to the sun, and then the pigmentation occurs on your skin.


It is also common among people these days. This happens when the pigment melanin is over produced. Obviously when something is more in amount than usual, it will look prominent and same is the case here when this pigment is in more amounts, it is over producing in your skin resulting in the patches on your faces mainly.

They are known as hyperpigmentation and they can be quite irritating and worrying to some people. They usually appear on the body parts as well which are directly exposed to the sun rays like arms and legs, besides the face. They usually look like patches of a skin tone darker than your normal skin color. They can further result into skin aging and skin problems that might be troublesome. In order to avoid such problems, start skin care and stay safe from skin damaged from sun.

Sun Spots:

This is something we hear so often from girls mainly. These days when lifestyles of people have urbanized to a large extent and people move from one place to another in order to do their chores or for fun, they forget the sun. They usually ignore the fact that sun is constantly gazing them and attacking them with its rays that are too dangerous to be ignored. Sun spots are the spots that appear on your skin that are exposed directly in the sun. They are not covered with the umbrella or the sun block is forgotten and skin is damaged from sun.

These sun spots are also called solar lentigines and they are caused because of direct sun light.  The problem gets worse when they only darken instead of lightening because of more sun rays affecting the skin. These spots make you look weird because they are darker than your own skin tone and a person might look unattractive to people. So, it is always a good idea to take precautions beforehand instead of taking medication or some expensive treatment mainly anti-aging treatments after the loss has been done to your skin.

Sun blotches:

When the skin that is so fragile is exposed directly to the harsh sun rays, they often cause long term skin spots or skin damages. Sun blotch is also a kind of skin damaged caused by carelessness in ignoring the harsh sunlight and not taking precautionary measure before heading out in the open and into the arms of the sun.

As the vulnerable skin is exposed to toxic sun rays, they caused these marks and spots on your skin that are at times little visible to the eyes but as they stay constantly under the sun they start becoming visible and slowly and gradually become prominent giving you unappealing look. This is the start of something very damaging. If a person doesn’t take proper measure to minimize them, they become long term skin disease that is too dangerous. They are the beginning of wrinkles and more problematic is skin cancer caused by too much sun exposure on the skin.


As discussed in one of the points above, direct sun rays and too much exposure of the harmful sun rays can make you age before time. Yes, that is true. Sun rays are so harsh that they can make you look old before your actual old age. They make a person look aged when he/ she is constantly under the sun. This is quite common among the people who work under the open sky in the day light.

Farmers, truck drivers, peasants, engineers and almost every other person who invites sun light on daily basis, men and women both. After the damage is done to the vulnerable skin, women usually go for anti-aging treatments and that causes them so much pain and of course money. So, why not take care beforehand instead of using every other anti-aging cream and treatment from salons?

Skin Cancer:

After the beginning of the damaged caused by the sun, here comes the biggest worry that is caused by direct and too much exposure of your skin under the sun rays that are extremely harsh for your skin. The Ultra violet rays when in charge of damaging your skin repeatedly as the person goes under the sun most of the time, they tend to destroy the DNA that is the genetic material in the body and if too much damage is caused making the cells out of control, it can cause skin cancer and that is not a small thing. That is a big worry. In order to avoid and stay safe from these damages you should take care of your skin.

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