Crocodile Skin? Try These 3 Natural Remedies

Crocodile Skin? Try These 3 Natural Remedies

The winter weather can cause some severe problems with our skin. Dry, cracking skin caused by the harsh cold can make us look like a reptile. The humidity in the air during the winter causes brittle skin, leaving us flaky and looking older. But instead of visiting the nearest drug store and emptying your wallet on the cashier’s counter in order to purchase the newest skin cream, take a look in your kitchen pantry and you’ll find better solutions. Here are three natural remedies to your winter dry skin.

Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil, even in small doses, can give your skin that shine again. Olive oil will moisturize your hands and face, heal your cuticles and soothe the uncomfortable feeling of dry skin. It can also be used to remove makeup, which is an added bonus, especially for those who have sensitive skin. Olive oil also contains antioxidants, which will help strengthen your skin while giving it a healthy shine.


According to recent studies, honey is an excellent cure for chapped skin and lips. Instead of grabbing a stick of balm, try rubbing honey on your lips. Not only will this moisturize your lips but it will also taste delicious and give you a pleasant smell that follows you all day. Honey is also effective on elbows, a common dry spot on the body that is often hard to get moisturized again. As long as you don’t mind bees following you, you’ll avoid dry skin all winter long!

Yogurt or Pumpkin

Yogurt can be applied to skin to add moisture and soothe dry skin. It is also functions as a light exfoliate to eliminate dry, flaking skin. According to some doctors, yogurt acts as an effective exfoliate because it uses lactic acid as opposed to granules that scrape the skin. But ensure that you use plain yogurt, as you don’t want to have chunks of strawberries on your face while at the office. You can make a very effective moisturizing mask with yogurt. Try mixing a cup of plain yogurt with three tablespoons of papaya.

Pumpkins help moisturize your skin in a similar manner as yogurt, and they make great masks as well. Making a mask out of pumpkin can be a very effective tool to fight dry skin. Mix a can of pumpkin with a half a teaspoon of cinnamon. Wear the mask for five to ten minutes. Your face will thank you for it; the replenishing power of pumpkin has been proven in many studies.

It may sound odd to rub common foods from around the house; and wearing these moisturizers in public may sound insane. But these natural remedies are easily found in any supermarket, and will cost you a fraction of the cost of other designer moisturizers that have the same effectiveness of these household remedies.

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