Does Proactiv Work?

Does Proactiv Work? An Unbiased Review

Does Proactiv Work? Proactiv is a company that has a reputation for making several fine skin care and acne products, Proactiv solution skin lightening lotion is a skin lightening product that promises to fade those dark colored spots from acne, the sun and old age quickly and effectively. It also is said to even skin tone.

Proactiv Main Ingredients

One of the first things that you will notice when you look at the Proactiv solution skin lightening lotion ingredients is that while this product has over 30 ingredients it only has one active ingredient Hydroquinone. The Hydroquinone makes up 2% of the content of this lotion. Why 2% because that is the strongest percentage of this ingredient that the law allows to be used in over the counter skin lightening lotions. However, just because the law states that companies can make products which contain 2% of Hydroquinone does not mean that this ingredient is safe to use.

In fact, while it is legal to include this ingredient in skin lightening products in the United States many other countries have banned the use of Hydroquinone for several reasons. First because this ingredient has been linked to leukemia. Second, while this ingredient may help to lighten those dark spots on some individuals, it can actually destroy your skins natural ability to protect itself from the sun which can result in even more dark spots and uneven skin tone.

While the official site gives you none of this information it does tell you that some users experience skin irritation from using this product.

Does Proactiv Work?

Since Proactiv solution skin lightening lotion contains such a dangerous ingredient that is designed to lighten dark spots one would expect reviewers who actually used this product to rave about how fast this lotion lightened those dark spots and how great it works. Surprisingly, that is simply not the case. The reviews for this product have been pretty mediocre with some users claiming this is the best product that they have ever tried and others claiming it did nothing at all.

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In addition, some users experienced negative side effects including: dry skin, rough spots, breakouts, and rashes. Many of the negative reviews came from Long time Proactiv product users who normally love Proactiv products but, found this skin lightening lotion to be both expensive at $20.00 to $30.00 a tube and sadly lacking in effectiveness.

Pros Of Proactiv Solution Skin Lightening Lotion

  • The website openly admits to using Hydroquinone as it’s only active ingredient.
  • It also warns potential customers of possible irritation.
  • It has proved effective for some users.

Cons Of Proactiv Solution Skin Lightening Lotion

  • The website fails to inform potential customers that several countries have banned Hydroquinone because it has been deemed dangerous.
  • Although the site does warn that some people may experience irritation it fails to state just what forms these irritations can take.
  • It is not effective for about 50% of the people who tried it.
  • Many users had negative side effects including dry spots, breakouts, and rashes.
  • It is expensive to purchase.


So does Proactiv Work? While Proactiv skin products have an overall good reputation and we agree that many of their products are safe and effective for the purpose they are designed for we find that Proactiv Solution Skin Lightening Lotion is not one of them. While a small margin of users saw fast results and others saw results over time, 50% or more of the users saw no results what so ever.

In addition a fair percentage of people who tried this product had a number of negative side effects that prevented them from continuing to use this product.

We are also concerned about the fact that Proactiv Solution Skin lightening cream contains Hydroquinone, an ingredient that is linked to leukemia and other serious conditions and has been banned in many countries due to it’s potential dangers. The fact that the FDA has approved this ingredient for use in the U.S. in no way alleviates those concerns.

When you consider that this product contains a potential harmful ingredient as it’s only active ingredient and still only gives limited positive results it is recommended that people wanting to rid themselves of those dark spots and uneven skin tones choose a less expensive, more effective and less potentially dangerous product.

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