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6 Manuka Honey Skincare Secrets

Manuka honey skincare comes in many forms – luckily for us. The range is quite superb, one of the very best honey skin care products on the market due to the use of that incredible honey known as Manuka.

This honey is indeed a medicinal marvel and makes a perfect addition to your hoards of beauty products.

If you enjoy including the beauty benefits of honey in your own honey beauty Regime and don’t have the time to make your own then this range is one of the best to spend your hard earned $$$$$s on. Give the “fake” others the elbow!

Manuka honey, because we have the scientific evidence and proof, can heal the most stubborn skin infections.

If it can stop MRSA in its tracks just think what it can do for you in your normal everyday beauty regime.

Manuka has been proven to help keep those wrinkles at bay. Something most of us are interested in particularly as we age.

However, if you are still young it would be advisable to keep those dreaded wrinkles away for as long as you possibly can. You have no idea how much you will appreciate this in later life.

Treat your body kindly and it will be kind to you. Apply lashings of this miracle cream all over your body to protect and heal, smooth and soothe and give you the outer glow we all strive for.

Is Manuka Honey Skincare the Best?

It is certainly very good and certainly suits all skin types because of its Unique Manuka Factor.

This special factor was discovered by Dr Peter Molam from New Zealand. He discovered this special honey is able to destroy bacteria which are present on and in our skin.

An application of these honey skin care products will quickly kill off the bacteria that are responsible for all types of skin infections helping to keep our skin glowing and healthy due to the anti-bacterial components they contain.

However, a little caution is required here, some honey manufacturers will label their honey products with the name Manuka honey, but that is just a name.

You must look for the Unique Manuka Factor which is clearly on the label otherwise you will be buying a fake product.

Manuka Soap

What a wonderful way to shower or bathe with this healing bar of beauty. Once you have used this a few times you will be unlikely to return to any other kind of soap because it leaves your skin tingling and fresh.

Any body odor is quickly eliminated by this soap as it washes them clean away. An absolutely perfect way to start and end the day.

Manuka Face Cream

Now what a treat this is for your lovely face, helping to keep those wrinkles at bay by the amazing re-hydrating properties it contains.

Honey is able to trap moisture which is one reason we can hold off those wrinkles for a while longer and even plump them out so they are less noticeable.

Your skin infections won’t stand much of a chance when you smooth this gently over your face. Use your Manuka face cream everyday for that sparkling complexion we all aim for.

Manuka Hand and Nail Cream

For the softest hands that look and feel great your miracle Manuka hand and nail cream does the job brilliantly.

It is best used overnight by gently massaging the cream all over and well into the cuticles.

The use of soft cotton gloves which traps this cream deep into nail cuticles makes it a whole lot easier to manicure your beautiful nails too.

Manuka Cream for Your Feet

Our feet are dirty; there is no getting away from that! Apart from our hands our feet come into contact with a whole barrage of bacteria of which we have no control apart from wearing waterproof boots all the time.

Even those would make our feet pong quite a bit, that’s the bacteria again doing its work!

Is it any wonder we suffer with these and fungal foot infections with the contact our poor feet have to make and the pounding they put up with as we go about our daily business.

Treat your self to a Manuka honey foot bath by putting a good dollop of honey into a bowl of warm water.

Let your feet soak for a while then gently pat dry and massage your Manuka cream for your feet well in-between the toes and cover your toenails too.

The anti-inflammatory properties will also help to sooth away any pain you are experiencing. Result, nice, clean, fresh, fungal free and comfortable feet and toes.

Manuka Honey for Your Lips

Yes this does wonders for your lips. The delicate skin is constantly faced with weather challenges be it extreme hot or extreme cold weather.

They can become dry and chapped which makes them very sore, due to hot sun and even wind.

They can become flaky which is annoying and they can break out in cold sores which is even worse.

These cold sores always feel huge even though they don’t actually look that big. They belong to the herpes virus and studies have shown that honey and herpes don’t mix well!

Manuka honey will destroy this virus faster than any other chemical cream, lotion or potion on the market.

The moment you feel that tingling sensation dab your honey on your lips to treat them fast.

Manuka Honey For Your Scalp

We have skin on our heads and these pick up little infections like dandruff, which is yet again another fungal type infection. Manuka honey shampoos are extremely helpful in clearing these up.

This wonderful honey comes from the Manuka bush in New Zealand and is strongly related to tea tree. This is why we see so many creams and shampoos which contain this ingredient.

Head lice don’t like it either and if you’ve ever had a child come home from school with these little horrors it sends shivers down your spine!

Wash your hair with a good Manuka honey shampoo product regularly and pop a teaspoon full into a jug of warm water to use as a final rinse.

This clears your dandruff, keeps the nits away and makes your hair really shiny and healthy. Manuka honey skincare is simply amazing don’t you agree?

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