Healthy Skin Care Help Tips

Healthy Skin Care Help Tips

Our skin is the largest organ yet we often forget how important its role is to the human body. It can be affected on both the internal and external layers. Skin will be healthier if you exercise, consume fewer drugs, coffee, tea, alcohol refined carbohydrates and sugar.

Exercise is essential. As we age our skin becomes saggy, less toned and often cellulite may appear. Physical activity is enjoyable and fun, especially if you choose to exercise with others in a pleasant social setting. To maintain a healthy body, start exercising a minimum of three days each week, then extend this to a daily routine; an hour per day is fantastic.

Monitoring your food intake is beneficial for healthy skin. Avoid food high in fats and sugar; try replacing them with fruit and vegetables. Try drinking eight glasses of water each day; you will notice how hydrated your skin will be. Drinking water is detoxifying, too. Avoid excessive amounts of alcohol, coffee and tea since these tend to dehydrate the skin; try herbal teas.

When washing, luke warm water is best. Avoid harsh blocks of soap; use body washes (read labels before purchasing products – natural ingredients are best). Exfoliate the body once a week in the shower or bath if this is an easier option. Remove any dead skin from the feet with a pumice stone.

Give yourself a facial once a week. Choose products best suited to your skin type. Firstly, cleanse the skin; if wearing makeup always double-cleanse to ensure the skin is nicely cleaned. Follow with skin toner. Exfoliate the face gently, and then apply a treatment mask. After removing the mask the skin will feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Finish off with a facial moisturizer and eye cream; this will keep the skin nicely hydrated.

Treat your hands and feet. File and shape the nails. Clean and remove any excess cuticle around the nail beds. Always apply hand and foot cream each day. Paint nails if you wish; apply a base coat first to stop discoloration of the nail plate. Paint two coats of nail enamel and finish with a top coat; this makes them shiny and lengthens the time of your polish. For a more natural look, apply just a clear coat – it makes the nails appear more healthy, neat and manicured.

Finally, sleep is essential for healthy skin. As soon as we tire, it shows in our skin. Our skin becomes sluggish, it ages more quickly and dark circles appear under our eyes. Set a goal of eight hours sleep each night.

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