Skin Lightening Procedure

Skin Lightening Procedure – Avoid These Common Mistakes

It’s hard to find a good skin lightening procedure and product that really reduces the blemishes on your skin, including age spots, moles, acne scars and birthmarks. There are some things you should know before you buy skin lightening products. Let’s take a look at how they work.

Consider A Skin Lightening Procedure?

The color of your skin is determined by melanin, a dark pigment, which in turn is produced by specialized skin cells, melanocytes. The greater the amount of melanin the darker your skin will be. Melanin levels are influenced by many factors including, certain chemicals, skin damage, sunlight exposure and genetic influences.

Skin bleaching is a cosmetic procedure that is used to lighten skin, creating an even complexion and reducing skin blemishes and dark spots. Skin lighteners reduce melanin and are used by many people all over their body for months and even years.

Don’t Buy Products Containing Mercury for your Skin Lightening Procedure

Many skin lightening products contain high levels of mercury a toxic agent that can trigger neurological, severe psychiatric and kidney problems.

Skin Lightening Procedure Before and AfterThere are some ingredients that make skin brightening dangerous. These ingredients are steroids, hydroquinone, kojic acid and mercury. These ingredients will work but are dangerous. Skin brightening works by toning the melanin cells of the skin. The melanin cells are responsible for the dark pigmentation of our skin. The risks associated with skin brightening can easily avoided by using natural skin friendly ingredients.

The most popular ingredient that increases the risk of skin brightening is mercury. Although it is illegal in the United States, it is still being used on the black market. Skin brightening products that contain mercury is normally manufactured in Mexico and Nigeria.

Using these products will eventually lead to mercury poisoning. This can result in psychiatric disorders, kidney damage and immunity suppression. Mercury poisoning will lead to permanent nerve damage which results in irreversible brain damage.


Steroids are more popular in some skin brightening products and are normally found in prescribed pharmaceutical products. Steroids like any other drug can be abused to get fast results. This ingredient should not be used without the careful guidance of a medical professional. Steroids can easily cause the skin to thin out and lose its elasticity. There is also the increased risk of stretch marks and various skin infections. The steroid will also works its way in to the body circulatory system and cause other dysfunctions.


Hydroquinone was once the standard ingredient for all skin brightening products. United States is one of the few countries that still use hydroquinone in over the counter medications. Long term use of this ingredient is associated with cancer. Hydroquinone works by inhibiting the production of melanin cells. Exposure to the sun while using hydroquinone is very dangerous. There is also research that long term use of this ingredient will result in a number of autoimmune diseases such as leukemia.

Kojic acid

Kojic acid has been found to be an unstable ingredient in skin brightening products. Once it is exposed to air it will become ineffective. It is also a melanin inhibitors. Kojic acid is known to cause dermatitis and skin irritations. Research has also shown that Kojic acid used in large doses is a carcinogenic and will lead to cancer.


Avoiding  these dangerous ingredients, and finding one with all natural ingredients is the safest way to go. Some of the best ingredients that are encouraged for skin brightening are vitamin C, azelaic acid, biowhite, gigawhite, hyaluronic acid, sepiwhite and alpha arbutin. Vitamin C is a natural skin lightener and an effective antioxidant to the skin. Azelaic acid is made from grains and is best used to treat acne and skin discoloration.

Choose Safe Products

Safe skin lightening procedure products will always sell. More and more people have the means to change the way they look. If you are looking for a skin lightening cream always make sure that it is safe to use. You should consider the following points when looking for a safe skin lightening cream.

  • Consult with your dermatologist! He/She will review your medical history to ascertain if using a skin lightener is right for you.
  • If you dermatologist gives you the go ahead to try a skin lightening product then you should always review the ingredients list. Do not buy a cream that has more than 2% hydroquinone and make sure it does not contain any mercury.
  • It is important to note that mercury can also be labelled as calomel, mercuric, mercurio or mercurous.
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