What Causes Wrinkles? The 5 Most Common Causes

What Causes Wrinkles – The 5 Most Common Causes

As we grow older we start noticing things about our bodies that weren’t there before, from a little extra padding to wrinkles, and aches and pains. One of the things that is most noticeable, not just to you but others around you, is wrinkles. You get them under the eyes, around the mouth and lips, and these can affect just about every square inch of your body in one way or another. Here are a few of the most common reasons why you develop wrinkles.


No matter where on your body a wrinkle starts, one of the most common reasons why we get them is age. Over time our cells don’t reproduce as fast, and the layers of skin begin to thin. A protein called elastin causes the skin to stretch. This protein is very active during your early years, but once you hit a certain age the production of this protein slows down dramatically. Collagen helps to support the outer layer of cells, and when they start to age, they begin to unravel and start to make depressions in the skin layers. Another problem is that many of the glands that naturally keep the skin moisturized start to slow down, causing dry wrinkly skin.

Muscle Contractions

While no one really likes to admit it, many of the wrinkles in your face are caused by lots and lots of muscle contractions over time. If you squint a lot, you will tend to get those little lines around the eyes, also called crow’s feet. Certain habitual expressions are going to eventually make these small wrinkles more prominent. You may even start to develop drooping eyelids, and even jowls.

Effects Of The Sun

When you are young, you really don’t think about how the sun really affects your body, particularly your skin. The more sun you get on a regular basis, the more chances that your skin is going to be damaged by ultraviolet radiation. This is known as photo aging, and even if you don’t end up getting some kind of skin cancer, prolonged exposure can damage the collagen fibers, increases the production of elastin, and an enzyme called metalloproteinase starts being produced in order to reform the collagen, but some healthy tissue can be damaged in to process, called solar scars. Over time, repeated occurrences can cause premature wrinkling of the skin.


Smoking can cause damage to a number of organs, including skin. When the skin is healthy, it is continuously regenerating, old cells are broken down and new ones taking their place. Some research has shown a connection between smoking and a great reduction in this process. When your skin starts to lose its regeneration, then wrinkles can start to form.

Poor Diet Habits

Diet is another come cause of wrinkles. If there is to much sugar in the blood, it tends to stick to collagen cells, stiffening them up and making them less supple, making your skin seem older than it is. Things that can spike blood sugar levels are alcohol and a lot of carbohydrates. Many people that eat high fat content, greasy foods may develop wrinkles faster than normal.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the things that can cause wrinkles. However, just as there are a number of factors when it comes to developing wrinkles, there are just as many things that are effective in fighting the aging process. There are over the counter creams and supplements. Some people prefer dermabrasion treatments that scrape away the top layers of skin with chemical peels, and laser treatments, just to name a few. Others look to more natural ways to keep their skin tight and healthy looking, by eating right, getting exercise on a regular basis, and not smoking.

If you are interested in the different causes of wrinkles or ways to fight this process there are numerous resources. You can find pamphlets at your local doctor’s office, or from online websites. If you want to help stop wrinkles or even reverse this process, many people are turning to natural healing processes, such as changes in diet and lifestyle, lowering their anxiety and stress, all which can also contribute to premature aging. Before you start any new regime, diet, or new product, it is a good idea to consult with your doctor to make sure these are not going to interfere with any medications you may be taking.

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