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Ariana Grande Skin Care Products – Revealed By Accident

When Ariana Grande revealed on social media that she uses facial wipes that can be purchased from most drugstores, it sent Amazon sales of those products soaring. Such is the influence this young lady has on her fans! The face wipes in question are none other than Neutrogena and Burt’s Bee brands. One wonders if the two brands have thanked Ariana for the unintentional “Ariana Grande skin care products” plug that has subsequently sent sales of their product skyrocketing. If they haven’t, it’s something they definitely should consider doing!

How did she come to reveal some Ariana Grande Skin Care “secrets”?

The normally reticent star, who is usually obligingly forthcoming about most things but tends to clam up about personal habits like skin care, was sort of backed into a corner. In February 2019, she made the mistake of publishing a now infamous but cutesy ‘first thing in the morning’ video of herself and her dog in bed. Now, whilst the rest of us could get away with the rest of the world simply thinking “Oh how cute”, that doesn’t work for the Ariana Grandes of this world! Her legions of fans immediately noticed she had seemingly committed the cardinal sin of sleeping in her makeup! That’s something none of them have ever done apparently…..

For a while it seemed the popular songstress was going to ignore the questions and critiques being flung her way. That is, until popular Twitter personality The Hood Oracle also took her to task about it. The Hood is famous with her own fans for her constant admonishments about making sure they wash their faces regularly. That tweet did get a response from Ariana, who swore that whilst she’d slipped up this once and not taken off her eye makeup, she had nevertheless still exfoliated and used a facemask. During the course of this tweeting conversation, the star revealed more about the Ariana Grande skin care routine than she had for some time. Including the fact that along with her expensive La Mer Crème De La Mer mask and Lancer moisturizer she also uses a couple of products that are much more in line with what most of the rest of us can afford.

Ariana Grande Skin Care Interviews

Previously the only times Ariana had divulged any of her skin care secrets was back in 2014 when she admitted to InStyle that she uses a tried and true remedy in coconut oil. She also has a number of Lancer products as well that work well with her skin type. The star confesses to suffering from acne as a teenager and found these products help keep breakouts at bay. They’re an integral part of her twice-daily skin care routine along with a vigorous towel based facial scrub in the shower.

Ariana gave fans another peek into her bathroom cabinet in 2016 when she mentioned a few products and parts of her routine in an interview with Byrdie. Notably, the coconut oil was still present. She also revealed a little bit more to PopSugar, including her commitment to drinking plenty of water. That, she believes, is one of the true secrets of healthy, clear glowing skin.

Ariana’s Current Skin Care Routine

Fast-forward to 2019 and it appears coconut oil and Lancer products still firmly hold pride of place amongst Ariana Grande skin care accessories. As well as being an excellent moisturizer and conditioner for both skin and hair, coconut oil also comes in handy for removing eyelash glue. Who would have thought!

Also featuring in the line-up of Ariana Grande skin care products these days are the aforementioned drugstore wipes, which she assures fans she does use daily to remove her makeup before bed. She also informed The Hood Oracle and fans following the Tweetversation that she owns a bottle of toner and presumably uses that on a regular basis as well.

Regardless, it’s clear that whatever skin care products Ariana Grande may or may not use are working just fine. Her skin still has a youthful unwrinkled glow that goes well with her signature cats’ eye makeup and that signature exuberant sky-high ponytail.

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