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What are the Beauty Benefits of Honey? – The Honey Compendium

Beauty benefits of honey are available in most of those pretty pots and tubes that most women and now even men shop for.

We all like to experiment with when looking for miracle creams to rid ourselves of skin infections, wrinkles and as a way of turning back the years in the hope of looking younger for longer.

Why Does Honey Skincare Work?

Because nothing can beat its unique contents when applied to the skin. Honey skincare works due to the antibacterial, high potassium, antioxidant and antiseptic properties which honey contains.

They have a similar effect to that of hydrogen peroxide. This means honey skincare clears infections and enables your pores to shrink without drying out the skin naturally.

When you use honey on your skin it will retain the moisture needed for fresh healthy skin plus replace the moisture if skin is very dry. It is in fact one of the very best dry skin remedies you could possibly use.

Honey reduces inflammation so often seen in bacterial and fungal skin infections; it will literally eat away at the infection and destroy it.

It has been used effectively to reduce inflammation caused by sunburn, heal the herpes virus responsible for cold sores and yet another of those childhood skin rashes called impetigo.

The beauty benefits of honey include removing dry and dead skin cells due to its keratolytic properties, it simply wipes them away.

It is suitable for all skin types because there is nothing in it to irritate the skin; it is just a great healer.

Honey beauty and honey skincare have actually been documented over thousands of years although why they first experimented with the likes of crocodile dung and laying the lung of a camel over their faces whilst they slept in the hope of a beautiful complexion amongst other things is beyond belief!

Thank goodness the real beauty benefits of honey skincare has since been discovered and we don’t have to resort to such measures today.

Honey beauty products, some of which are extremely good, have been developed to target specific problems of the skin such as excema.

I personally have proved on my own child that honey with Propolis heals excema which appears frequently as one of those awful childhood rashes.

Gone are the need for us to continue using those steroid creams which are so damaging to the skin.

However, excema and many other skin rashes can flare up at any time in our lives particularly as there are so many chemical irritants around.

If you suffer with these annoying problems try some beauty benefits of honey yourself. Before you know it, you too will be enjoying beautiful skin and no more flare-ups or the itching that can drive you mad.

Cleopatra is a good example to use for the beauty benefits of honey because just about everyone has heard about her and her amazing complexion.

She is said to have used honey for her famous eye make-up. It is claimed she mixed ochre, lapis lazuli and malachite with honey to make a paste with which she painted those amazing looking eyes we see in pictures of her.

There are many references made to Cleopatra’s beauty regime using honey with donkey milk but I personally will pass on that one. Have you ever smelt milk when it has dried on your skin?

Stick with honey for skin and milk for tea! Although should you wish to try this honey beauty treatment there is scientific evidence as to why it would work.

Milk will smooth and soften the skin whilst the honey will nourish, rehydrate and moisturize the skin.

This would make for a pretty lavish and expensive bath time treat, however so long as you showered off with fresh water afterwards you wouldn’t be left with that smell!

Many spa treatments today also include the beauty benefits of honey; it is now possible to book in for a spa where you will be immersed into a warm bath of rose water and honey.

This makes for a popular body wrap too, many beauty salons offer this service and according to those who have tried this, their skin felt fantastic after one of these.

How to Use the Beauty Benefits of Honey

Honey skincare can be used as a powerful skin cleanser, it heals cuts and reduces scarring because it keeps the infected area moist thus preventing scabs from forming.

It will reduce the appearance of scar tissue over time particularly with burns and scalds, as well as tighten, smooth and beautify the skin.

It keeps the skin on your feet smooth even eating away at the common infection athlete’s foot. A God send to ladies who love to wear beautiful shoes as they don’t have to keep their feet covered.

It is always very important to make sure the honey you use on your skin is pure honey. Many people are not aware that there are many irresponsible honey manufactures who try to pass their goods off as being authentic.

Beauty Benefits of Honey?

Honey beauty will only work with the very best ingredients so please look at the information written on the labels very carefully before you make a purchase.

Use honey skincare beauty products that have undergone stringent testing procedures such as Manuka Honey Skincare products. These have been proven to work.

Burt’s Bees Products who also have a tried and tested range. They worked hard to perfect their use of the beauty benefits of honey.

What to Look for When Buying Honey for Skin

Some cosmetic companies make a fortune out of women who buy their products, the problem is that the effectiveness of these natural ingredients are actually diminished once they are combined with stabilizers, chemical preservatives and the like.

Honey skincare is only effective when blended without poisonous chemicals. But you shouldn’t worry about this too much as there are some beautiful cosmetics which are well worth buying and some great cosmetic companies.

It just always pays to check labels carefully and look for all natural ingredients. These will ensure you achieve the beauty benefits of honey.

I wouldn’t mind betting that beeswax is also mentioned on these labels. The beauty benefits of honey in those creams and lotions will be mixed with the beeswax to turn it into a creamy substance.

Catharine Zeta Jones is a famous beauty in today’s modern world; I’d love to meet her as I have heard she is a honey lover, and ask her if she applies it as a facial treatment.

I bet she does! It has been reported that she mixes her honey with salt as an all over body exfoliator. I tried this and I have to say it worked a treat.

Beauty and honey go hand in hand. Perhaps the most famous honey beauty in this present day is The First Lady of the USA. She has two bee hives on the White House Garden Lawn.

This is a first as it has never been known before. I wouldn’t mind taking a guess that she has tried some beauty benefits of honey for herself.

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