Is Eczema hereditary

Is Eczema hereditary? Medical experts think so!

Eczema onset is brought about by several and varying causes. Many patients suffer from eczema flare-ups from varying triggers. While there is no solitary source for eczema, people with sensitive skin are much more prone to it. Food, certain chemicals, temperature and even stress can cause flare-ups.

Eczema is a disorder that builds an irresistible urge to scratch skin. Tiny sores appear on irritated skin. This can result in a red rash unfortunately. Dry skin and blister-like sores can develop if the skin is scratched further. You are not to blame for this misfortune and nor do you deserve it.

Eczema is a common skin disorder, but there are ways to treat it to prevent flare-ups/Though you may have done nothing to bring it out, eczema is a common skin disorder, but there are ways to prevent flare-ups. The basic method is keeping your skin moisturized all the time.

Eczema Outbreaks and flare-ups

Eczema outbreaks and flare-ups can be from one single cause for some people, while for others it can be caused by many. You may be itching and scratching after getting much sweat from the hot weather, after using scented body wash, or after eating something. You can still be prone to flare-ups even if you are able to find the cause of your uncontrollable itch and eliminating the source.

Little is known about the original cause of eczema. However, medical experts are aware of the trigger factors. Eczema becomes worse than you can imagine when it is affected by  trigger factors. Keep your body moisturized, and then try to identify your own trigger factors and avoid them completely. Keeping a regular daily journal is advisable.  Keep a note of things like your daily food intake, the skin products you use, activities, and all that sort of thing in your journal. Make a comparison in your daily journal in order to determine what caused the outbreak.

You may wonder if the condition will be transferred to your children. Children with parents who have eczema are likely to have the skin disorder is the thinking of medical experts and doctors. But there are several cases where the children did not incur the disorder. It is not essential for a family member to have eczema for children to develop the disorder.

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